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  1. I can see a playaction pass at the 1st of the game to losen up the defense a little bit. It will be a fake to the fullback and the runningback and the reciever will go long.......The qb will be the key to the game
  2. Do you have the final stats for the game....rushing yds for both teams
  3. I agree with Haywood going for 2...The rule is win on the road you go for the win and at home u tie it up......But if we would have had an experienced quarterback who wasn't afraid to change the play at the line he could have thrown a td to Devin because the corner showed the blitz to soon....... Im not much on blaming the refs but the refs were horrible this game....I seen the 1st one get called back and it wasn't a block in the back....The ref on the opposite side of the field threw the flag..... I also want to say dustin may played a great game....
  4. i see belfry has moved up in every1's polls since the pre season
  5. I have to say Valley played very hard and good basketball last night to pull off the win.....I am upset with the effort Belfry gave. The only player who seemed to want to win was matt...By the way he did have a great game....
  6. Personally i don't like playing on the turf. It takes the fun out of football....You don't have to play under certain field conditions which what makes it fun and interesting. I used to love watching and playing in the mud games at vipperman stadium.......Especially in the 02 playoffs
  7. I agree no one wanted to step up and be the leader on last years team and you have to have at least 2 or 3 of them guys on your team....Last years team was young and hadnt had a lot of playing time in the years before...I think we will be ok this year though..... I look for Chapman, May, and Steele to be the guys to step up this year
  8. I do think Belfry has the most talent in the region but it depends on how bad they want it.. That is what beat us against Pike Central we came out flat and played flat
  9. By far the hardest player to replace is goin to Matt.....he is a big play waiting to happen with his speed .......the qb position wont be that hard to replace cause u hand the ball off ...lol.....
  10. We got lucky to come out with a victory......P-Burg came out of half-time and quit the triangle and chasers and it let Belfry do what they do best beat u off the dribble......For us to advance in this tourn we have to play team ball and get out of that 1-2-2 half court trap we try to run
  11. The tigers made a great run in the 4th quarter thanx to the great coaching of their staff and the lack of coaching on valley's sideline........The Riddle kid had 18 and was never on the floor in the last minutes of the game.....The inside game was there all night and booher wasnt pounding the ball inside and it about cost them the game
  12. Another key to this game is the X factor which was the difference in tuesday night's game which is dustin may.....If he he takes the ball strong to the whole the same way as the other night he will have a great game......he was the key to the last victory and he has to step up for a sophmore in another big game......and i think he will
  13. the key to this game will be the big man play from both teams......It will be on D for the Pirates ...Bowman and Steele have to stop the riddle kid without gettin in foul trouble which has been hard for them to do all year.......If they can stay out of foul trouble Belfry will win.....But if Valley pounds the ball inside it could be a long night for the Pirates......I am goin to say MY PIRATES by 5 in a close one
  14. fans can say what they want but its all going to come down to who wants it more on friday. For the seniors this might be there last shot at ever playin this great game that we all love, called football. I was able to talk to Matt before the Sheldon Clark game and he had the look in his eyes that he wasn't going to let his team walk away with anything except a victory. I really believe if he comes out with that same attitude and look in his eyes.. its Belfrys game by 12. p.s to all you seniors I was on the field with you last year to lead you...Now its time to be men and step up
  15. I am goin to say Haywood from Belfry...Everyone counted Belfry out and some how he still produces the team to beat...........
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