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  1. Belfry has played in 4 State Title Games and lost two Semi games during the last 20 years! Thats not bad and may be the best in the Mountains during this period of time! 1985 lost a state title! 1986 lost a state title! 1989 lost in the semi to Highlands (which went on to win a title) 2003 won AA Title 2004 won AA Title 2005 lost semi to Russell ( Which went on to win a title)
  2. Watusi, you have been very close to Belfry for many years! Was the field watered down for sure? I was at school the day of the game and saw nothing!
  3. The 1993 game was the worst team that Belfry has had in 25 years and was the best Danville team of all time! It was the first game of the year also and Danville was load! You don't need to act as if it was any other way! Belfry would have given a good game to Danville the last three years on any field! You need to get ove rthe field thing! Belfry and Danville both had a great team in 85!~
  4. :thumb: Great post and thanks for having my back, but the suicide thing wasn't about me.
  5. I hate to tell you but you are wrong! Breathitt was in our district in AAA for many years, but was one on the first to move down to AA! They go to AA and win three titles. Boyle is now AAA! I am not sure how you can say that about Danville, Mayfield and Lex Cath since they never won a AA after 94 well before most of these teams went to AA! That would make 6 times in the last ten years that a former AAA won the AA title! This would be shouting!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never read any rule that says you cannot use !.
  6. I was looking at the entire class, but also used some data from the top 2 teams in each class! This is a thread that comes up every year and we will never have the answer unless they play! All things look good on paper but change once they are on the field! Most in AA will support AA and most in A will support A! I guess it make for good debate after the season is over and we have nothing else to talk about!
  7. Very good point! I also remember Belfry going to a state game after a defeat of Danville while they were both 3A in the 80's!
  8. What does that have to do with the teams that were in AAA! Danville has made more of a case than Mayfield! Plus look at the teams that weren't in AA at the time!
  9. I have never said that! You want to twist things around! I just stated some facts about Belfry!
  10. P-burg was picked to win our district! We always have a great team at Belfry, but many at Belfry didn't see us going as deep as we did in the playoffs! You must not forget that we lost just to name a few two of the best backs of 2004 in the state of KY and our QB from 2004! I never said shocked! We do have one of the best coaches in the State of Kentucky in high school football and he has a way of preparing his teams and making them ready come playoff time! I feel as is Newport would have had their hands full if they would have beaten Russell! Most of what you are trying to start has lit
  11. I just don't understand how you can say A is better because of the fact that Danville and Mayfeild was in control of AA! During that period of time most of the recent AA winners were in AAA! It is hard to say that any class has been a power over the other based on the amount of movement in the different classes! A has changed so much in 10 to 15 years! Like wise with AA and AAA! I do feel as if AAAA may have less change than most, but I would have to researched that! All classes have changed so much! I wasn't trying to discredit you! I just think 10 or 15 years is a large period of
  12. I do agree with some of what you are saying, but you make one good point hidden in your post! They must play the game before we will ever know any thing!
  13. That doesn't hold water based on the fact that the teams winning in AA now were all AAA then!
  14. Do you even know what Belfry lost from last year to this year? No, because you are on the West Side of the state and I doubt that you saw them play this year! Most Belfry fans saw this as a rebuilding year! It started to come together and we all changed our minds as the season went on! You didn't give anyone from the East any credit at first and stated that in another thread! So it appears that the pot might be calling the kettle black!
  15. No one said Cinderella! I stated that they lost a lot from the 2003 and 2004 teams! Leslie County was picked in the Region! Belfry was a very good team and was a play away from a third trip! It appears to me that you spend most of your time trying to destroy my post and that isn't fair! There were three very good teams in the east this year in Belfry, Russell, and Newport! Any of the three would have claimed the AA title this year!
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