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  1. Cut the cord dude. Leave the nest. Tell mommy, unless she wants to lace them up, please shut up.
  2. Bobby Hall is doing color for WLGC I think. Quality officials are lacking in the 16th. Come on Bob, drop the mike and put the stripes back on.
  3. Cincy's short porch probably isn't the right place IMO.
  4. Can't blame Coach G for his drinking problems.. probably drinks to forget. This team is pretty sad.
  5. "I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti."
  6. Actually the score was GC 27- BC 26. Someone tell me how Greenup got their last 1st down after getting a 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty on the 1 foot line. It should have been 1st and 15, but the 1st down marker was on the five. Maybe I'm missing something. Greenup Co. ended up getting 7 downs on the last series.
  7. If all criminals were actually held to their sentence and made to serve the actual penalty, there wouldn't be an overcrowding problem. Criminals would think about the penalty before thumbing their nose at justice.
  8. Yeah, don't get a parking ticket. I was late feeding the meter by about 5 minutes. Ticket was $25. Meters are 25 cents for 15 minutes. I would recommend the subway. D.C is awesome by the way!
  9. I think the United States track record speaks for itself. We have given humanitarian aid to several countries through the years. Billions of dollars to rebuild countries with food, medicines, etc... "Terrorist" countries can't say that. At least the U.S. seems compassionate at times. When we have attacked other countries, it's mostly been based on retallition.
  10. If they had the means, I'm afraid they would at least try.
  11. I have been informed by other posters that is wasn't spying, it was scouting. Better call it Scoutgate.
  12. Easy,,, or you'll take some luster of the 3 previous Super Bowls. I really am indifferent to the Pats one way or the other,, take'em or leave''em . I just like the stand the NFL took on their indescretions. Also if your going to give me a personality critique, at least put some more posts under your belt, make some friends, and then fire away. BTW. I'm probably the least gullible person you'll ever type at.
  13. Nope, he's the only one who has been proven to who have done it. Big difference. I make it a practice of mine not to convict until proven guilty. I'm still trying to figure out the "models in the G section thingy". Sorry I'm a little dense. I don't get out from under my rock enough.
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