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  1. Doug Preston was the head man there when they played Bell.
  2. Allen County-Scottsville 52 varsity and 35 freshman
  3. This should be East year to win the district. Lots of athletes on the field and several good lineman returning.
  4. Sounds like ACS should just enjoy fall break and maybe take a vacation, because the wildcats are just too much.
  5. Not sure where your getting your info Bison but the last coach was pushed out.
  6. Three pretty good jobs it seems. What are some names floating around those. Has Warren Central even posted yet? Didn't see it on the open jobs list?
  7. A lot of people really thought that South Warren was getting bumped up this season but the state decided to leave them be. I think ACS is low end 4a enrollment but not sure if they drop enough to get to 3a. I think there is a better chance of South going to 5 a in two years than ACS going to 3a.
  8. ACS was really hammered by injuries last season at QB and several other positions. The back-up even missed a couple of big games due to a car wreck. They started a 3rd string QB in their two biggest games of the year against Warren East and Franklin. Offensively The Patriots return most of the O-line for the first time in a couple of years and the leading rusher and leading receiver. Should be a good bounce back year. Also South Warren is 3A so they will not battle it out for the 2 spot with them. They actually aren't even playing this season.
  9. From my stand point there future looks bright. They had several underclassman that really put together good seasons. They also had a couple of freshman that look to have very bright futures.
  10. By the way the division 1 players graduated before the run to the Semi's. Plus they really only had both of them full time their senior year. In French's second year it was basically just Calhoun because Miller dislocated his elbow in the second game. That sidelined him for the rest of the year.
  11. But they were his second year. Then his third and fourth they were really good.
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