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  1. Exactly how much are the tickets? I'm heading down to L'ville tomorrow to watch the 4A game, and just wanted to know how much the ticket prices were. Thanks so much for your help!
  2. Rowdy- Thanks so much for this information. It is REALLY helpful. Based upon these facts, I am now anticipating a much closer game. :thumb:
  3. Question: Would Bell winning their second state title take away from the luster of the '91 State Championship? I know it may be an odd question, but I was just wondering what most think (also, I'm not presuming anything, just curious).... As for the game, I don't really see anyone stating any stats, records, or weapons that suggests Bullitt is going to pose a real serious threat to Bell County.
  4. 1A - Beechwood 2A - Newport Central Catholic 3A - Breathitt County 4A - Bell County 5A - Highlands 6A - Trinity TB - 41 pts.
  5. I don't really know much about Bullitt East. Can someone please shed some light? I know their 9-5 record doesn't really sound too intimidating.
  6. Hey guys, this is a really good thread. Way to be informative and on topic.... I've got a question: I won't be able to attend the game (I live 400 miles away and have to work:cry:). Does anyone know if I would be able to watch a stream of the game online? If not, can someone please provide a link to the online radio broadcast? Thanks and Go Bobcats! :thumb:
  7. If Bell defeats Rock, where would Bell play the following week? I'll be down there for Thanksgiving, and would like to watch my alma mater in action. Also, who is the likely matchup? Thanks.
  8. OK guys, I see everyone is thinking Florida will walk away with this one. Not so fast. Arian Foster is averaging nearly 8 yards a carry, the entire O-line is back, and Crompton is finding his rhythm. On the other side of the ball, UT's secondary is in my opinion the best in the nation. Morley and Berry are beasts. I predict the Vols come out and dominate from the start. Vols - 38 Gators - 14 Mark It Down!
  9. Thanks a lot fellas! Does anyone know if any radio stations with announcers from Bell broadcast online? Not to say that Jason and Chris don't do a great job. Just asking.
  10. Hey guys, since I live in Indianapolis, I won't be able to make the trip down home to watch the game tomorrow night. Can someone please provide me a link to a radio station which broadcasts the game over the internet? I'd greatly appreciate that! Oh, and, GO BELL!
  11. That's hard to believe coach Mills would be that way towards Bell. He used to coach there, and I would have thought was still close to many of the coaches. ... I'd like to know more about what exactly happened.
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