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  1. Reading through comments on the Red Helmet Facebook and You Tube video reminds me to be grateful for BGP where it is mutual respect between knowledge fans and mostly good banter back and forth. Both fan bases should be embarrassed by the comments there.
  2. Tigers still looking for that win at WMS. It’s a magical place for the Cardinals and Hell for my Tigers. Not sure it’s something you can even prepare for. Must play mistake-free football to have a chance. Congrats to Mayfield. Looks like everyone stayed healthy, so I expect that they will go on to win another title on Friday.
  3. Followed by Mayfield getting an extra yard on their 4th and 2. Marked by the same Official.
  4. Donation coming from this Tiger fan. I really enjoyed your LCA game broadcast. Perfect blend of homer/fan and honesty.
  5. Like many of their first downs, the Colonels get the benefit of the refs quick incorrect call. Ball not only never crossed the goal line, it was in the possession of BW55 a yard away from the line.
  6. Problem is Noel is not retiring from teaching and not aware of any admin/teaching positions that will be open this year. Of course, that could change.
  7. He just built a new house and his wife retired last year. My guess is they are ready to enjoy leisure life, get ready for grandkids, and to focus on health.
  8. I believe this will be the first time that there isn’t someone on coaching staff to take over. That is that is also on District Staff.
  9. Beechwood just officially announced Noel Rash retirement. He met with Football Players this morning and it was just made official. Press release attached. Coach Rash Press Release.pdf
  10. Congrats Breds. I thought they would go deep in playoffs when they played Beechwood.
  11. I had forgotten the JV game wasn’t with HC. Thanks for the clarification.
  12. Sat JV game has already been canceled. Heard that earlier today.
  13. I was typing my response when you posted this. Couldn’t agree more. I love to watch him punt. He’s an artist, whether they need a precise 40 yarder or booming all max yardage, he’s gotten it done. Deep in the playoffs this is going to be a difference maker.
  14. Although I must admit I don’t stay up on it every year, but I don’t recall another Mr. Football candidate like Berger. IMO, a true “Mr Football.”Offensive and Defensive star and adding in kicking and punting. More importantly, a great representative for his school and KY HS sports.
  15. Left a feeling of invisibility to be exploited by a good 2A team. 😉
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