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  1. My hat goes off to the Bobcats! Breathitt came into the CAM fired up and never left the emotion go away. Good luck next week in Louisville! To my Pirates I still love ya. Keep your heads up you had a great season.
  2. The battle for the district championship is in Martin County Friday night....or is it? Does Sheldon Clark have the lights ready on the new field or will the game be played on Saturday can someone let us know? (I looked for a thread on this game but never found one.) GO BIG RED!!!:fire::fire::fire:
  3. If you have not noticed winter is on the way and Yellowjackets can't live in the cold weather. Belfry is too much from start to finish and once again Haywood and his Pirates show the entire state just how tough mountain boys can be. Central keeps it close in the 1 quarter but this outstanding Pirate "D" smashes the last amount of energy that these Yellowjackets have left and bring home their 3rd State Championship in 5 years. Belfry 49 Central 14 Let's Go BIG RED!!!:fire:
  4. It's almost time for this battle in the mountains and the right to represent the Eastern portion of the state in the final game. It's going to be crazy!:ylsuper: Breathitt let me say welcome back to the top of the mountain. No disrespect but it's been a few years but you're back and undefeated going into the State Semi Finals Game. What can you say really but great job and be careful traveling to the CAM tomorrow night. To my Pirates you continue to impress me more as the weeks go by. I wonder how could you get any better than the previous weeks game and then you come out the next F
  5. This Belfry Pirate fan is pulling for the Bulldogs. Take it to them Hazard! Hazard:35 LCA:20
  6. I really can not wait until Friday night but I guess I really have to. Breathitt Co. always fields a great team and come Friday night I feel that everyone there is going to see one heck of a ballgame between the Pirates and the Bobcats. I hope Breathitt packs the visitors side because the RED NATION will be out in full force as we cheer our boys back to the state championship. Taking nothing away from the Bobcats because they are a great team. They are 13-0 and were able to go to Russell and beat the Red Devils and that is no easy task. However I feel that this Belfry Pirates
  7. Laying everything aside I really do hope to see a great ball game tonight from 2 very talented ball clubs. In the end I just hope that the Pirates walk away from Somerset with another regional title under their belts and a chance once again to play in the State Semi Finals at CAM Stadium. Everyone drive safe, near or far and hopefully we'll see a great battle tonight. Let's Go Pirates.
  8. Taking nothing away from the Briar Jumpers but I do believe they allowed Corbin to put up 56 points on them at the Briar Patch. Belfry, in the first week of the season beat Corbin 21 - 0. The Belfry Defense that showed up against the Redhounds has greatly improved since that first game and I'm sure they be ready come kickoff tomorrow night to show Somerset just how good they really are. Then again I may be wrong and I'll be the first to admit it come Friday night after the game or Saturday morning. Let's Go Pirates!!!!!:fire:
  9. You are correct Dufrain with this being a great matchup between two great ball team, but taking nothing from Somerset they will not score 42 points on Belfry's Starting D. I will not happen.:lol:
  10. It's about time the tempurature cools off on Friday night because when you have to bundle up to go to the game it's usually late in the year and in the thick of the playoffs. Somerset is a good team. They have to be good to be where they are, at home and playing for the regional Championship. Belfry on the other hand is rolling and unless something happens and the Pirates give the game away w/ silly mistakes and fumbles I feel that this Belfry team is at least 4 maybe 5 touchdowns better than the Jumpers. Coach Haywood and the Belfry Pirates are on a mission and tomorrow nigh
  11. Ask Corbin what that Angry Red D is like. Somerset is good but there is no way they score 42 points on Belfry. They may score 21(a big maybe) and that's only because they are the home team. Don't overlook this team from Eastern Kentucky, Belfry is the real deal. They proved it when they dominated 5A Johnson Central and when they beat Corbin 21-0 and they will prove it again come Friday night in Somerset. Belfry puts up 48 points if not more.:thumb:
  12. Sorry but Belfry crushed Sheldon Clark in the 2005 Playoffs 47-7 after beating them 38-12 in the regular season. You made point this in the first post....
  13. Bradley is horrible....There is no way he needs to be the team captain....he doesn't even need to be on the team.... Good luck Coach G.....this could be the longest year of your life.....
  14. does anyone have a link so I can listen online to the game????
  15. With all the talk in the air I really cannot wait until I get to my seat Friday night about 7PM to watch this game unfold. There is no underdog in this game. With no disrespect to Johnson Central, they have finally gotten the taste of power and domination in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky like the Pirates have had for so long now that they want a piece of that pie and are willing to come into CAM Stadium tomorrow night and try to dethrone Belfry. Could it happen? Sure it's a possibility, but will it happen I really don't think so. Since the start of the season the state ha
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