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  1. Great news. Nice campus. The field became a slopfest near the end of the season.
  2. Stipulate that "McFest" can only be used as non-profit charitible contributions to the Special Olympics foundation. McDonald's endorses the girl's concerts. McDonald's should match the girl's fundraising up to say $100,000 annually. All three parties win.
  3. 41-14 at the half, Johnson Central rests 1-2 starters on offense and 4-5 on defense in the second half. JC offense in the first half; no penalties, no fumbles, 13 plays, 6 TD's and @300 total yards. Great effort by Zach Sowders of Scott HS, very good back!
  4. Knox Central has a couple of pictures in an old thread if you search.
  5. I heard these team were going to BUTT HEADS, but this is taking it too far!
  6. This discussion is creating a lot of billboard material for the Harlan County players. They'll believe even more they have a shot at coming together this year and winning a state title. My advice for those who do not want to see Harlan County succeed at the 3A level would be... DON'T FEED THE BEARS!
  7. Not to put down the glory boys, there has been a lot said about them so far in this thread. Anyone got any new insight into what is going on in the trenches for the Black Bears on either side of the ball? Thanks, Go Bears.
  8. The other thing is even if a guy is on the line and ineligible by alignment the QB can still throw a screen pass to any receiver, this matched with a QB who is a threat to run with the ball is deadly.
  9. Good luck to Harlan County and the "Black Bear Nation"!
  10. Is it possible the light-headedness began to come on first? The loss of tension in the muscles of the leg could have led to the "movement" in the knee. Maybe you only noticed the uneasy feeling after the fact. I don't mean to worry you, just asking.
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