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  1. Just wanted to remind those that can't get out tonight that the game will be on live at 8:00.
  2. WLGC will be carrying the Raceland Rams path throughout the playoffs. Friday's gametime is 8:00 pm. Jim Forrest on play by play with Kent Robinson Color Commentator. If you haven't heard Jim covering Morehead State athletics, you have missed a top notch broadcaster. Tune in to 105.7 FM this week if you can't make it to the game in person, it will almost be like being at the game.
  3. Just a few things from this lengthy thread. The question was asked if Raceland had ever beaten LCA @ LCA. I think a Raceland fan said we had, but we haven't. Our first meeting was in 2001 and LCA beat us 24-22 @ LCA. We made the playoff's that season via the tiebreaker. Also someone stated that we beat NCC when they were the 1 seed. We have never beaten a #1 from NKY. NCC was the 2 and Raceland the 3. Most Raceland fans have become used to a NKY team getting a W through us in the playoffs. But every year brings a new squad a new vision. I certainly am not making any predictions on how far this Ramblers team will advance. I think they are capable of doing some great things. But we have also seen times when they have looked uninspired. And frankly the history of LCA, Raceland and the NKY teams have little to do with this season's matchups. It is the teams currently and how they execute on that Friday night and for many games this time of year it comes down to turnovers. We cannot get upset with others' view of our team, with our poor performance in the playoffs and our recent struggle with LCA it is only fitting that those that do not see our team play in person, predict and feel the way they do. I feel we have had many teams that have been solid top 5 teams through the years, but without the opportunity to play someone other than NKY in the playoffs we only have subjective opinions and speculations where our teams rated in a particular season. And many times matchups determine games and without head to head competition, there again it is all just a big guessing game. Quickly on the watering issue, I like many of the Rambler fans have been here longer than most. And I have NEVER seen or heard of a sprinkling of the field during the playoffs. Raceland fans like many others follow their teams win or lose. Supporting and pulling for those kids that work so hard. And regardless of their previous records in the playoffs, we all continue to dream of that State Championship, maybe this is the season for us Orange fans. We will see.
  4. A little interesting fact I saw was that offensively, regarding points. The Ramblers through 7 weeks had scored exactly the same amount of points last year as this year, 264. With last weeks 54 the 2006 Ramblers lead the 2005 Ramblers by 2 points in scoring.
  5. Congrats to the Ramblers. I spent most of the night on one end of the field along the fence, and it was just like it was 2 years ago. Kids with incredibly foul language and essentially not even watching the game. 2 years ago we wrote Nicholas' principal and he never even bothered to return the e-mail, concerning his kids behavior. Now I'm no saint, but I hate having to explain to my 8 year old things that I would rather wait until she is older to discuss. Heck, I don't even want to talk to her when she is older about those things. LOL.... Good Luck Ramblers against Fairview.
  6. I think in 5 years Robbie Gould will be washed up and Aaron will be a Bear. Just my two cents. It's great to have a connection to the Pettrey's. Ever see his Dad shoot a basketball?
  7. TBF misses his first regular season football game in over 20 years, looks like he should stay away more often. Congrats Ramblers....
  8. Top 5 Teams and Players. Teams: 1. Raceland (Tie) 1. Rose Hill (Tie) 3. Elliott Co. 4. Bath Co. 5. Menifee Co. Players: 1. Laura Terry Rose Hill 2. Emily Queen Rose Hill 3. Whitney Seals Raceland 4. Rachael Vanderhoof Raceland 5. Brit Faulkner Rose Hill (Tie) 5. Chelsea Williams Menifee Co. (Tie) I think that was the order for both players and teams. If anyone knows differently please update.
  9. I have the Trophy already donated for the winner of the game. Still looking for that perfect name for the game. Locomotive Bowl? Pettrey Bowl??? Russell ties/Raceland Grad Lexington-Raceland Avenue Bowl? Progressive Rail Bowl??? Sargents Tire Bowl? Normans Locker Room Bowl? Rardan's Cut and Trim Bowl? Many Banks Bowl? Doty's Shell Mart Bowl? Raceland Grad/Russell Ties DSI Screenprinting Bowl? Super Quik Bowl??? Watkins Bowl?? Kids Graduated at Both Schools Kenny/Jason/Kasey Clark Bowl??? BLUE BLAZER BOWL??? THATS IT!!! THATS IT!!!
  10. Everyone seems to be going with Paris, and they are at home which should be an advantage for the Greyhounds. But I will take Bath by a 2 point conversion. I go with Bath under the impression they are healthy.
  11. This is one of the reasons, for those of you that know TBF, why you see me on the visitors side at our home games. Most of the coaches I consider as my dearest friends, and the players I love for their dedication and effort. PLUS I follow Fridays games many times with a trip to Morehead State University where my Brother-In-Law is a coach. Listening to those comments wears on you. Hearing all the criticism, of coaches and players, hits you differently each time. Sometimes you laugh, sometimes it hurts you, other times it makes you angry. Hopefully you rise above it and say nothing. Other times you feel compelled to defend those that you care about, and say things best kept in your pocket. BGP has become a great place to defend many of my friends in the coaching and competing arenas. I try to post most of the time under controlled circumstances without the emotion involved at an event. Obviously we all post occasionally under passionate circumstances and choose the wrong words, but I have tried to limit it to when I have a clear mind. Coaches make decisions based on what they believe is the best way to put their kids in the best possible scenerio for their team and that player to be successful. Everyone has different philosophies and ideas. But the only true absolute we know in a sporting event is the outcome we see. If we have a different play we would have called, we have no idea of its success. But rest assured that coaches and players give their heart and soul to their respective sport, and open and public, angry criticism is detrimental to the success of a program and diminishes the hard work and effort of those participating in that sport. Go Ramblers. Good Luck Against Berea.
  12. I support the players and coaches. Congrats to LCA. Continued success to both teams. Go Ramblers!!!
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