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  1. The best steak I ever had was at Mike & Jimmy's. I've forgotten the name of it, though it had something to do with burbon. IMHO a properly prepared steak shouldn't need sauce.
  2. They might both be wrong, but I don't think the driver could have handled it much better. Even if she did punch the girl I have no sympathy for any little punk who behaves that way.
  3. The only college sports programs that make any money are DI and DIII, in Centre's case, the tuition paid by the football players more than make up for the cost of the program. Centre is really good at getting their students financial aid through grants and scholarships and no interest student loans.
  4. Here's a list of my favorite types for anyone who's interested: Stout: Kinmount Willie Bitter Ale:Fuller's ESB Pale Ale: Bass Oktoberfest: Paulaner Wheat beer: Hoegaarden Pale Lager: Bitburger Bock: Augustiner Dark Lager: Warsteiner Pilsener: Amstel Some other worthy notables is almost anything Samuel Adams, Kentucky Burbon Barrel Ale, Christian Moerlein, the Hofbrauhaus brands, Smithywicks, Dos XX, New Castle are a few that pop into my head at the moment
  5. Offensive lineman must wear jearseys with a number between 50-79 and are inelidgible for a forward pass for as long as they wear that number. Defensive lineman can wear any number they want.
  6. I assume we're talking about SCHIP, so while I don't really care about cigarette taxes, the excise tax on cigars could be raised by over 52% with a $3 limit, in addition to a floor tax for all retailers and distributers. The first version of this bill called for a 20,413% (thats not a typo) increase in excise tax. Every time I hear about SCHIP in the news, I hear that they plan on funding it by changing the taxes that Bush cut, but minimum effort you can see that it is clearly not the case. Don't get me wrong I do think kids should be able to receive health care, however I wish they'd either be upfront about where they're getting the funds or (my preference) get funds some other way. And kudos to the insightfulness of Fastbreak.
  7. Another Brick in the Wall - Pink Floyd
  8. Yes but the books and the movies don't have all that much in common save their names.
  9. My wife thinks this Hillshire Farm commercial is dumb, but it somehow found a place in my hear lol. Go Meat!
  10. How can you guarantee this? Have you seen what's inside his man-sized safes? If it's not, there shouldn't be a problem with him sharing what he's hiding. Thats the point, to make sure nothing illegal is going on and it is he who is wasting taxpayer dollars.
  11. I'm more apathetic in my personal feelings toward him, I do find his attempts of expanding his role somewhat alarming. That being said I think what he is doing is wrong. What I am frustrated about, which is not limited to Dick Cheney or the current administration, is the total obtuseness, blatant lying, lawbreaking, but mostly a total lack of accountability that exists abundantly in all parts of the government today, but in particular the Bush administration, and what is now apparently in conjunction with the Cheney administration. Cheney claiming to be in neither the executive or legislative but yet in both at the same time is just another example of what is wrong with the government today. Do we need to call a council to write a neo-Niceane creed to describe how a vice president office functions and shove it in as the 28th Amendment. I would argue that this stands against the spirit of the basic principle of checks and balances in the constitution. As springsteen pointed out, he is voted in as part of the executive branch, why shouldn't his office exist as such? I ask again, if the VP is not in either branch, who is he accountable to? If politicians were upfront about things, there wouldn't be all these investigations by either the republicans or democrats. Public officials DO NOT have a right to hide anything and everything. Granted somethings do need to be kept a secret but not every single thing. Officials have an obligation to the people to tell them the truth about whats going on. If everything is a secret, there is no accountability, and then they'll start doing whatever they please, like listen in on peoples phone calls without warrants.
  12. Yes, the Vice President is the President of the Senate, but he doesn't have a vote unless something is equally divided, which happens what, once a month? Of course you hardly see more than 5 senators in the senate at any given moment these days. The Vice President replaces the president if the president is killed, impeached absent or determined to be rendered incapable for any other reason even if only temporary. That would lead me to believe that although the position is unique, it is undeniable tied to the Executive branch. (like I said I'm not constitutional scholar, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night ) Further more, Cheney has in the past claimed executive privilege when he's been asked or told to release information. He can't have it both ways. One would think that he'd have to release even more information as part of the legislative branch. He has more access to confidential information than most legislators. I've never heard any stories on him being on any of the senate committees. Where does he fit in the system of checks and balances? Cheney first didn't have to answer to Congress and now he doesn't have to answer to president Bush, who does he answer to? Certainly not the American people, no one in the federal gov't has had to do that in a long time.:irked:
  13. Seems pretty straight forward to me, although I haven't studied the Constitution since the 7th grade. Articles I-VII
  14. I wouldn't say that the executive branch as a whole has been less than honest (pick anything) or smart (Iraq); although I do admit I voted for them. I can't help but admire a man that can shoot somebody in the face and then have that person apologize to you. But as far as this business of Cheney not being in the executive branch (and I'm no constitutional scholar, but), that's not a "fascinating academic question", it's a load of rubbish (IMHO).
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