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  1. I was on the field officiating and a Mom/Lady yelled "watch number #. He's holding." The white hat responded by saying "yes Ma'am". There weren't a lot of folks in the stands that game. Most folks laughed. I know I did.
  2. I would like to wish all BGP'ers a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year. We can all look forward to a enjoyable 2012 high school season.
  3. I may be in the minority by saying the kids need to play for each other and not who is in the stands. I know my son has no idea if I am there or if anyone is in the stands. I was on the sidelines once when he got hurt this year and he never knew I was there. When he comes off the field he looks for the coach. I think he plays more for Dom, Jake, Nico, and the others much more than he does for me or whoever is in the stands. I think he plays for the coaches, the school, and his teammates. I think most kids play for that reason. Now I have no doubt that he would rather play in front of a full house but I also believe that once the game starts he has no idea about the crowd. I do agree that crowds are down and maybe that is because there are so many things going on today the Friday night football game isn't the highlight of the week. I even think the crowds at the Dixie and CovCath games were down too. The first year he played, I bought reserved seats just to have a place to set during those games. I think there was another thread about crowds being down and why. I for one don't know or understand it because high school sports are still one of the only pure sports left. There are no huge contracts, no bowl games at the end of the year that make your school millions, just your teammates, coaches, family, and friends at the end of the game to tell you how much they love you and what a good game it was.
  4. Daniels and Tiepel didn't play at all in the second half. Tiepel did have his pads and helmet but Dainels was in a hoodie after half. I have watched these kids for a few yrs now and I think this is the worst I have seen play. There was no excitement, no passion, and no personality with this team. I think the seniors need to step up and give this team some swagger(I say this because my son is a senior). They are all great kids and I love having them around my house but they need to have fun playing football. To me they don't look like they are having fun. Last yrs team looked like they had a ball even in close games or the games they lost. Last night even when TC fumbled the ball and Beechwood recovered it and scored, they didn't seem to enjoy it. TC might have been part of the problem becuase they played hard all night. There are many good players on that team to be so young and they will only get better because of last evening. I told a few of the TC kids that I enjoyed the way they played after the game. Lots of heart with that team. Beechwood had better get a few things fixed or kids healthy quick or the season might be over way too early. They have the talent to repeat but they need to enjoy it and enjoy being kids playing football.
  5. They need a new scoreboard to go with that nice field turf (just like Beechwoods new one except blue)
  6. I had talked with Trinity once about doing this a few years ago but it was before they had built their new stadium. I had also talked with the 3 Boone County schools about a Boone County bowl but it just got to be too much of a debate between them (Boone County Schools). We have a outline in place for this type of event (Ryle Sports Festival) if someone gets really serious about it. Since I am not involved with any schools in Louisville, I would be happy to offer the help of myself and my "people" to get this going. But you must remember......be careful what you ask for because it got too big for Ryle and they moved it to PBS and its over now.
  7. I was at the game and I think the offense only scored 5 or 6 times. The rest of the scores were off interceptions by the backups. And as far as running the score up, it is really tough to tell a second or third team kid not to try to score. They take their beating at the hands of the varsity Monday to Wednesday and when they finally get the chance on Friday niight......what are they to do? What is the coach to do? I think there are somethings to be excited about if your a Mustang fan. Their QB throws a nice ball. They had a kid in jeans on the sideline (#3) that looks like a good player. He was warming the QB up at halftime. They have some receivers and a nice backfield. The line play will get better over time and experience. I don't know how long it will be before they compete with Beechwood but I would expect them to be better team after each game experience. I hope the younger players are getting some game experience also.
  8. I do believe that the #2 team in NKY is wearing Carolina Blue this year. I am not a Boone fan but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express and I think the NKY 6A championship will be Boones to lose. They have good receivers, good running backs, a good quaterback and a good size line. They play 11 on defense and a new 11 on offense. This year if you play Boone you will have to play the whole feild and not just a few yards around the line of scrimmage. I am not as impressed as I thought I would be with this years Tigers. They did have some passion when they came out for the second half with the paws on their helments but during the first half they were pitful. Is Boone that good or is Beechwood that bad???
  9. Who do we think might get this job? Could it be someone who might or might not of applied for the Conner job? I think CovCath would be a great opening for someone who is waiting for the right job?
  10. 1. Mike Yeagle If he wants it and if he does, think of the change in power in NKY 6A. I don't know how many kids leave Conner for other schools but they will stay to play for him. He could get kids out that are walking the walls that won't play for others. He has the right background to put a winner on the field now. 2. Mike Wolfe I think he would make a great head coach. He has played for winners and he is coaching at a winner now. I think he would bring the right group of assistants with him to be successful. It might take sometime for him to put a winner on the field but he will, just like Warner is doing now. I'm sure there are others that I am leaving out.
  11. I have seen Ryle play a couple of times this year and I think they are a direct reflection of Coach Warner. They will beat you up. They are more than physical, they are angry linebacker physical. They play with an attitude that they will beat you up and then beat you on the scoreboard. They are tough as a team. I think that Murry might be one of the best backs in the state between the tackles. He is very seldom tackled for a loss and he delivers the blow when he is being tackled. Scotty Gray will never take a clean shot, he can slide and move to where tacklers just get a glancing shot at him. He is smart. I think Murry is the key to Ryle, as he goes they go. They have a big O line but they are not built for speed. They open the holes and let the backs run. Not too many of them are going to be running down the field to make blocks. Unless the wind is blowing, don't plan on running kick-offs back. Their kicker is very good and he is a good kid too. He might have close to 50 yd range. As for the defense, see the first paragraph. Tough and physical. They make running teams pass and they make passing teams have shorter arms. It will take a balanced team to beat them that has a lead. As in the Boone Co game showed, they don't play well from behind. I don't think they get behind alot though in this game. Good luck to both teams and I hope this is the response Greenwaver was looking for.
  12. First I would like to wish NCC the best of luck in the play-offs this year. I hope they win another title for their school, themselves, and NKY. This is my first year following Beechwood and 1A ball and I must say I have been impressed with all the teams and fans. I think that each team and their fans have been class acts win or loose. Alot of others can learn for them. Class players and fans, Thanks 1A schools. Next I would like to thank the players and coaching staff for accepting my son at Beechwood. The players took him from day one and and treated him as if he had been with them all along. The senior class has taught him about being a Beechwood player and what they means. I look forward to the next 2 years and hope that he will follow in the tradition that is Beechwood football. Thanks.
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