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  1. I thought this thread was shutdown by a moderator a long time ago, it needs to be, and evrybody move on and concentrate on more positive things. I admit I was in the middle of it last year, and it was a mistake on my part.
  2. The Big difference though is, this is Boyle Co. and not Lincoln, at this point Coach French has Boyle Co. far and away above where Lincoln was at the time.
  3. If I'm not mistaken he took a Licoln Co. team up to Highlands around 2006 or so and was man handled by Highlands.
  4. I don't think OC will put up 75 points either, I just let that preivious poster get under my skin when he called Danville's defense awful. I think it will be a good game, but I don't think it would be to NCC's favor to play a fast pace game and get in a shoot out with OC. The OC offense is running very efficient and their execution is excellent.:thumb:
  5. Don't spout off too much before fridays game. By the way were you at the game? Danville has a solid defense, a little to be desired on pass coverage, but solid overall. The way you are talking I would like to see OC lay 75 points on NCC.
  6. Danville's rush defense was bad in the second half, I think mostly due to wearing down trying to rush and defend the passing game in the first half. If NCC can't get some good pressure on the quaterback and disrupt their offensive rythum, OC will score everytime they get the ball. I seriously doubt NCC will hold OC to 24 points.
  7. After seeing OC play friday, NCC better hope they get the ball first score and then play ball control. OC has an excellent offense and when you try to cover the pass they had it off to the running back and he runs hard. OC's QB is quick and elusive and throws the ball well, #3 the main receiver is the speed guy on the team. I think the only way to slow down the OC offense is to attack on defense and be very aggressive and disrupt their rythum. Danville couldn't do it, they did a poor job of tackling and didn't attack on defense.
  8. I think so, I played for Danville from 1979-81 seasons. My coach my junior and senior year was Tom Duffy, he played at Kentucky. My senior year we only had 28 players and he named our team the "Thin Thirty", so I'm sure there was a conection.
  9. See you at the game, this is almost my favorite game in the playoffs, the suspense and waiting is a lot of fun just to see if we get to go back to the championship game again. We haven't been for a while and I'm enjoying the ride.:banana::clap::thumb:
  10. Danville has all the usual fast food places, plus some good other restraunts Shoneys( there ya go AA), O-Charleys, Renos, Apple B's, and some good Mexican and Chineese restraunts. If you come in on 150 hang a right at the stop light by Mc Donalds and Big Lots, follow that by-pass a couple of miles and you will see all of these places. If you stay on the by-pass heading east out of town toward Stanford once you pass Shoneys on the left go about another half mile and turn left on Gose Pike, drive until you come to a stop light, turn left and Admiral Stadium is about a quater mile on the left. If this confuses you, there are some fine people in Danville that will give you help on the directions.:thumb:
  11. The tarp is coming off this morning, I drove by and they had to blow a little snow off first. We got an additional 1.5 inches of rain last night. The field should be in good shape, everybody coming from OC have a safe trip, remember game starts at 7:00 pm.:thumb:
  12. The field has been covered since Tuesday night, sideline to sideline and goal line to goal line, only the end zones are not covered completely. I have a rain guage where I work and we have only had 1.2 inches of rain since Tuesday and none of that came before the field was covered. Trust me Danville doesn't want a slick field.:eek: P.S. The field is only about a half a mile from where I work.
  13. He is the team leader for sure, he will have to leave it all on the field friday for sure, and I look for him and the Admirals to do that, they all know the challenge they face.
  14. The player you are talking about is Tevin Raines, I had the same question. But from what I have heard he has some trouble with the leg he broke last year, and when he pass rushes a lot it gives him problems. I think they try to put #70 in when they anticipate a pass because he is a better pass rusher. The problem comes when the play turns out to be a rushing play and he is not strong on stopping the run. I'm not sure what they will do friday with as much as OC throws the ball.:idunno:
  15. Traveling from one end of the state to the other is ridiculous. The regional winners should have been split into Mayfield vs LCA and Hazard vs Beechwood.:confused:
  16. Thanks for the kind words tsyoung, MC played their hearts out. I thought the MC QB was the best most determined QB Danville has faced this year. I think against OC the ADS will have to bring some heat and force the issue maybe gamble a little. I just don't think you can drop back in coverage and let the OC offense get comfortable and in rythum.
  17. I'm with you Guru, I researched OC's schedule and their opponents schedule and wasn't impressed with their competition except Owensboro and they lost that one. The Aces have to come to Danville so I say "AD IT UP!":thumb:
  18. I'm going to say Boyle Co. 21 Bell Co. 17. My main concern for Boyle in this game is not to let Bell Co. get into their heads. I went to the game last year at Boyle, and Bell Co. tried to intimadate the Rebels before the game, (ie running down the Home side line to warmups, that big Helmet they wanted to run out of, but weren't allowed to). To a certain extent I think it may have affected the Rebels in the first half, they settled down in the second half and won the game. I think Coach French will do a very good job preparing for this game, I would be surprised if He hasn't been for a couple of weeks now. GOOD LUCK REBELS!:thumb:
  19. Danville has faced a lot of pass happy teams lately, I'm sure OC will be the best so far, it's no secret that if you are going to consistantly move the ball on the Danville defense, that is the way to do it. But maybe we can get some more picks this week. I researched OC's schedule and competition thus far, and outside of Owensboro and Murray their competition has not been that strong. The Litkenhouse rating has Danville around 5-6 points higher than OC so with that and Danville playing at home I'll take the ADS 35-28.
  20. I think the whole game just came down to Danville tightening up on defense. Except for the final drive in the first half MC could not move the ball on the ground. In the second half Danville made some adjustments. If you have to throw the ball as much as MC did to move the ball, sometimes it will come back to haunt you. Danville's offenses was never really slowed down, that's how they built the lead in the second half, most of the MC's turnovers were converted to touchdowns by the ADS and that is what good teams are supposed to do. Way to go ADS! Doesn't seem like many people are giving Danville much of a chance next friday, but if they play Admiral football they will be fine.:thumb:
  21. I'll go with Mayfield on this one 35-7. I know Mayfield welcomes a good challenge. Good luck CARDS! From an old Admiral fan.:thumb:
  22. I don't see why you say Danville fans are over confident.:idunno: I think the fans and the team are confident with the way they are playing at this point, just because we are picking Danville to win doesn't mean we are over confident. I know that Sam Harp is keeping his players in check, by the way all of the posters on here that are picking Danville to win are not primarily Danville fans, so from their perspective they must see Danville having an edge in this game.
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