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  1. I did too. I just find it hard to believe that's a rule. Pretty tough to succeed under those restraints.
  2. They are a good team. They were beaten by a good team. They can have a good season if they can stay together after Scott . Biggest problem is depth. A lot playing both ways and I don't know if they are tough enough to do that. Again, thanks PIG.
  3. Thanks, Pig. Conditioning, toughness, KC's, D-Line, playing both ways are 4 reasons and KC has a good football team. They will have a good year.
  4. Clay ran 4 different plays from two formations. Both teams are talented but it doesn't count until next week.
  5. Cold chills down my back!! That feeling on Friday nights, there's nothing like it. What about all those people who have never experienced it?
  6. Who does Scott Co. scrimmage? Who do they open up with?
  7. Everyone went home except for four teams after 3 players went to the hospital for heat and body cramps. It was 117 degrees on the turf. There were a lot of good teams and talent.
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