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  1. I agree with "depend-on-me," Casey Earls is a man among boys. This athlete made Middlesboro this past yr. He was the heart and sole of this team. The kid had close to 1200 rushing yards, close to 1000 yds receiving, over 25 tds, over 100 tackles, a couple of ints, ff, and fr, and also there hardley was a team that would kick the ball to him on either kickoffs or punts! All of this said he averaged about 15 touches a game and with his yards and touchdown ration this kid should have got alittle respect!!
  2. Middlesboro Starting Line-Up P- Pittman C- Branham 1st- Brooks 2nd- Hatmaker SS- Earls 3rd- Frady LF- Partin CF- Hoskins RF- Breeding
  3. Middlesboro turnovers came at key points in the game. Right after Middlesboro scores the safety has a blown coverage for a td and then 3 picks that just was thrown up for grabs and the sack right before half put a damper on the jackects spirits, ever qb knows you cant take a sack, try and run for it or thats the time u throw it up for grabs and hope your team comes down with it! The Earls kid can play anywhere he wants to and so can the Farr kid! The bowling boy will be tuff next yr and good luck to Farr and Earls, I hope to here from ya'll in the next level!
  4. There is a little rumor down here in southest Ky. that the Middlesboro High School football coaching job might come open if Roark does make it to at least the 3rd round. Top options are Brian Crawford as the O coordinator, Jessie Allen as the D coordinator and a young man that used to play at Middlesboro and went to Cumberland College where he played as well and they might be sticken with the option but i heard maybe a 4-3 D! Anyone else heard any news?
  5. Casey Earls RB/LB Trevor Hoskins QB Hunter Adams WR/DB Daniel Crawford MLB all from MIDDLESBORO
  6. In the 1st match up Middlesboro pretty much down to their third choice at back but the Bowling stepped up like everyone new he would and had a great game. The Earls kid sat out the last 3 quarters and the Ford had a bad ankle but all 3 should be full strength and its hard to stop all 3 backs and their qb as well, not to mention Adams, Breeding, Farr, Crawford, and the Russell kid! Middlesboro - 48 Leslie Co. - 13
  7. The Earls kid also punts and returns punts and kickoffs, many teams don't even come close to kicking his way!
  8. I know that Hunter Adams and Casey Earls do alot fot the jackets of Middlesboro. Hunter is a great receiver for thier qb Trevor Hoskins and he is a nightmare for the oposing team's qb with 6 ints. Then Casey has close to 1000 rushing yards and over 500 receiving yards with a total of 19 tds. He also is an outstanding lb ave. about 12 tackles a game.
  9. If Belfry and Middlesboro both make it to the 3rd round I believe that this will be an excellent game for everyone. Middlesboro has been knocked out of the playoffs for the past 3 yrs by Belfry and I believe that Middlsboro has pay back on their mind!
  10. Well, acouple of those names that you have mentioned arre the star on that team. At Middlesboro, if you try to stop one player there are about 6 or 7 other guys you will have to stop as well. If you just try to stop the Earls kid, then you bettet be ready for Hoskins, Ford, Bowling, Adams, Farr, Adams, Russell, and the Crawford boy. At any minute one of these kids can score and they do it in a hurry. If anyone of these kids was on a team where they would be the main player, their star would be shining BRIGHT!
  11. You also have to point out that Earls touches the ball around 10 to 12 time a game at running back so I'm sure Howard will have more yards, but Earls also has around 700 yds receiving for about 10 tds as well. The Ford kid was out against Breathit and Earls carried it 20 times and rushed for 225!
  12. I believe that this M'boro team is much better than last year! Leslie lost their qb and some of their linemen, the jackets only lost 2 players and all of the jackets bigger, stronger, and faster! Earls had 225 rushing and Adam had over 100 receiving against the bobcats last week! I believe that Earls will give Leslie a hard time just like he has for the past 2 yrs! jackets by 21 or more
  13. Who's going to win this game? There is much history between these 2 teams and both have a good team this year! I beleive the jackets will back up all of the hype by putting up 35 and only giving up 21! Mboro-35 Breathit-21
  14. I know that the Earls boy for Middlesboro did it last year at least 3 or 4 times and all of the plays stood!
  15. you have to mention the pair of backs from Mboro, Ford and Earls are both great backs. They both have speed, power, quickness, very good shape, experience, and they both share and both can catch and block as well as anyone!
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