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  1. BTW, Nice hair tonight. Is the red a Belfry touch?
  2. Major hit to Belfry tonight. QB Andrew Elkins went out with a knee injury. Don't know how serious.
  3. I think it is not I that is missing the point. But please clue me in.
  4. I live, breath, and eat the constitution, every article and subparagraph. I also believe it means what it says. I would be "naive" to believe that everyone is fair minded enough to show consideration for the rights of others. In fact, all most care about is their own rights, so excuse me when I still think it's okay to want to live by the constitution. And PLEASE show me where these rights I speak of don't exist in the constitution.
  5. Hardaway has been banned from all-star events this weekend by NBA big wig Stern. That's the biggest problem I have with the situation. I might not agree with Hardaway's comments or the way he voiced them, HOWEVER I do believe he has the right to say them. Freedom of speech is guaranteed by the constitution. To allow any of his rights to denied because he exercised one of them is a disgrace. If you want vilify, chastise, or snub Mr. Hardaway for his tirade, go ahead and exercise your right to do so. But never deny any American his rights. How easy would it be to turn the situation around against something you say?
  6. I think I heard Belfry was 0-20 from 3 point land
  7. I think rarely ever is it a mistake to go for the win.
  8. Who's been doing the scoring for Belfry?
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