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  1. Bledsoe should sue whoever gave his transcripts to the media. Those are private and someone really did him wrong letting the New York Times and whoever else get to them. Regardless, Pete Thamel has been trying to get after Coach Calipari for a long time and maybe he finally dug deep enough. Even though all of this happened before Cal was at UK let alone involved in recruiting him to UK, I don't think the national media will pay much attention to that part of the story. I guess one lucky thing is that this came out Friday night and may get lost in other news of the weekend (someone call Brett Favre and tell him he's about due to hold another press conference!). Interesting that UK has not heard anything from the NCAA thus far though, one would think if UK were going to be involved they would know about it by now.
  2. John Calipari proves once again that he is a recruiting maven, and leaves little doubt that he is the best (recruiter) in the business. Jones is exactly the kind of player UK needed to add to this class. 6'9" F who can pretty much do it all. I was going to be worried about the front court for next season if Calipari wasn't able to land Jones. It's a good night to be a UK fan.
  3. Granted Indiana and Louisville are regional rivals, and Duke's regional rivals seem to be in the ACC. But along with North Carolina, UK has had series with Kansas, Michigan State, and Maryland that I can remember over recent years. Maybe this is just a figment of my imagination that has something to do with the tangible dislike I feel toward Duke, but I'm not the only person that has pointed this out.
  4. I definitely didn't mean to portray that other elite teams play on the road all the time. That is definitely one of the spoils of being among the top dogs in college basketball. Duke has just always been kind of an anomaly in my mind. I hope the general trend of playing these kinds of road games continues becuase it becomes a huge benefit to fans and season ticket holders. The Purdue, Wisconsin, and Michigan games fall under the ACC/Big Ten Challenge I believe, which I why I discounted them initially.
  5. All of the discussions taking place about the resume's of teams both on the bubble and fighting for the #1 seeds has brought to mind a question I have had for the last several years about Duke and how they schedule. Just in casual observation, it seems like you never see Duke playing any true out-of-conference road games. I know they schedule games every year in Madison Square Garden or in Chicago or in some other NBA arena in a big city. Sometimes they will even play a local team, just as an example playing Temple in whatever the 76ers arena is called in Philadelphia. But outside of the ACC/Big Ten Challenge (where they don't have control over who they play and where), I haven't been able to find a game (in at least the past 4 seasons) where Duke was playing as the road team in a true "on campus" arena. I understand that this is mostly a function of the success Duke and Coach Krzyzewski have achieved during the past 2 decades, in that they don't need to schedule these kinds of games. But even other "elite" teams like Kentucky, Kansas, North Carolina, & Michigan State always schedule these kinds of games (Kentucky with Indiana, Louisville, & North Carolina every season). I know there are some Duke fans on BGP, so I would like to get your take on this. Has Coach Krzyzewski ever addressed this? It seems like the potential media exposure provided by a Duke vs. Kentucky/Kansas/Michigan State home and home series would outweigh whatever the reason is they choose not to play these games. Has this always been Coach K's scheduling philosophy or is this a relatively recent development? And the question I would most like an answer to: when was the last time Duke played a true road game?
  6. What is the likelihood someone hacked the Ole Miss assistant's Twitter account and this crazy situation is a hoax?
  7. Not doubting the validity of your claims HT, but this story makes zero sense. Even if the bus was parked in a construction zone why in the world would there be a land mine laying out in the open? There is no reason for a land mine to be on a construction site anywhere! And any kind of terrorism plot doesn't make sense. If they were foreign terrorists, why pick Nashville? Why not NYC and the Big East tournament if you're looking for a sporting event. This has to be the most bizarre thing I've heard in a long time. A land mine. In downtown Nashville. Under the team bus for the Ole Miss Rebels? What in the world is going on?!
  8. A thread like this isn't much fun without some pictures!
  9. I think that is correct, Akron and Ohio State being the two other schools.
  10. THIS is exactly what I was trying to accomplish with this thread, just to get the videos out there so people could see and enjoy them. I wish I could take back the title of the thread and name it something else, but one of the moderators ignored my request to do so. I did not want this to devolve into what it has become.
  11. It may be just UK fan paranoia conjured up in my head, but in all actuality I was just looking for an attention grabbing thread title so people would be sure to see the video of Cousins and the baby It just bothers me a little bit I guess that Cousins is seen a certain way by most because of the way the Louisville game started. Note: I changed the title of the thread because it wasn't really accomplishing what I had intended. Maybe a moderator could change it on the board for me?
  12. DeMarcus seems to have gotten a horrible reputation for his passionate play on the court. Most of this is coming from national media who don't seem to be seeing the real DeMarcus like many of us in Kentucky have seen. On the court, he is a fierce competitor with enough of a mean streak to make him a dominant big man. Off the court, he seems to be a funny and level-headed guy and a great teammate. Here are a few videos that provide evidence of the kind of person DeMarcus really is:
  13. I saw this movie in 3-D at an IMAX in Nashville on Saturday and it was the most entertaining movie watching experience I've ever had. The movie itself was fantastic and coupled with the visual effects I was completely immersed. For those 3 hours I felt like I took a trip to Pandora and watched everything play out right in front of me. James Cameron is a genius. What amazing creativity and imagination to conjure up with some of the things in this film. We went to Nashville for the Music City Bowl, and despite a weekend of football, bar hopping, good bourbon, and tailgating this movie was without a doubt the highlight of the whole trip. If you have a chance to see this in IMAX 3-D, you need to take it. You will not regret it.
  14. If Joker takes over I think Coach Ortmeyer, Coach Brown, and Coach Heggins will be gone. I also think it is possible that Coach Smith moves on to try and become a head coach at the FCS level. I have heard that if Joker needs to fill the Defensive Coordinator position it would likely be David Lockwood. If it is Joker's turn I think we can guarantee a heavier emphasis on recruiting by all staff members, something desperately needed.
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