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  1. Congratulations to our own J.D. Dunhoft on your induction to the first ever class of inductees!! Over 20 years of hard work and dedication to Northern Ky. youth football! Well deserved, my friend!:dancingpa
  2. Offensively, both teams are statistically close. EKU defensively gives up more yardage, but the overall defense stats favor EKU when you add in red zone defense and the fact that they are national leaders in turnover ratio. The CAA got more teams in based on the fact they took turns beating each other, making it harder to eliminate one or two, but one can't judge a conference because one gets 5 teams in. The OVC had "good" teams and "bad" teams. Who says their "bad" teams were worse than the CAA "bad" teams? Each conference plays a different style, but that doesn't mean another conference can't make adjustments necessary to win. The Colonels are a good team, and if the so-called experts put them a 17 point underdog, oh well. They are not listening to that. The Colonels will give it their all, and if people listen to the "experts", well, remember the App. St./Mich. game. I am a homer, but the stats call for a good game. It may not turn out that way, but I'll be there cheering EKU on! BTW, why is the CAA three times as good as the OVC? Does that mean, in your opinion, EKU will lose something like 60-20? I'd like to hear the opinions why everyone thinks Richmond is so much better. People stated their feelings. Back it up please. The qb's stats are close, the rb's stats are close. Running is running, passing is passing. Allan Holland has only throw 3 ints this season so he's cautious. IMO, the oline and dline will determine the winner. Mission Maroon! :ylsuper:
  3. Sorry Red Heat but I disagree. Mitchell is too important to this team to risk additional injury playing offense. He had to make that saving tackle tonight to stop a TD on the punt return and that was scary. His college future depends on his tremendous leg. IMO we should keep it this way.
  4. We don't want Joe (no offense to him)..we want you GT!! For old times sake! You need to be at Sandman32's tailgate party like the good ole days so you can eat free!
  5. Are there any SK fans out there to give us the info on this game? SK offense and defense obviously had a great nite! Important district win for the Pioneers!
  6. In honor of Sandman32, I'll say it. Remember Dixie Heights just a few years ago? They might not have won the title...but neither did the Rocks. I'll give the nod to Trinity, but any given time and place you never know. The Rocks can concentrate on stopping Vince Murray but Scotty Gray is there too and their passing game can expose a run defense. It should be a good game IMO. Best of luck to both teams! :ylsuper:
  7. And this from a guy who's team lost at home to... Wofford? Look, it's early, for every team. Freshmen need time and weight and conditioning. All these games are just pre-season until March rolls around. Putting the 4 freshmen in at the same time during this tourney, they showed alot of potential this early IMO. It's still Tubby ball, but it looks like he is letting them play a little more uptempo this early in the season than he usually does. They lost to two teams that were rated much higher than them because of returning players and I'm sure the plane ride will be quiet, but they will benefit from it more than playing walkovers. Are they a national championship team, no, IMO, but I think they could be a factor in the post-season. Go Big Blue!
  8. Does anyone know what colleges are giving Vince Murray a look? He's amazing!
  9. Come on! "Beating up" the opponents qb is not something to gloat about. Ryle has a great team and deserved to win! They are all around solid and congrats to them. Continued success on your road to the championship! Considering how I think Raider fans felt after your qb was out earlier in the season and after that tough loss last year for the district championship, I think a little less smack and a little more compassion would be in order. There are alot of classy Ryle posters here. Follow their lead please. Dixie players can be proud they gave it their all but came up short against alot of adversity. Ryle won a heartfelt game without all of their weapons also. Best of luck to both Ryle and Campbell County. Represent Northern Kentucky with pride and class as you continue your march to the 4A title! Dixie fans will be rooting for you to bring it home to No. Ky.! :thumb:
  10. As a Dixie fan, this was one aggravating game. They had so many chances to put this one away early, but gave it away. Our d played great, only 2 mental laspes which resulted in 14 points. It was IMO the questionable decisions and lack of accuracy on our qb's part that was the difference. Joey has had numerous starts as our play caller in 1 + seasons to be making the mistakes of missing wide open receivers, not throwing the ball away under pressure (taking sacks), floating his passes and throwing too many jump balls since we have smaller receivers. I know he's young, and will only learn from his mistakes but he's been at the helm long enough. 3 ints (I believe, plus one fumble) within the opponent's 30 yd line = loss in any game. Dixie held Boone in check for most of the game, but lost IMO to Bricking's lack of confidence, or mechanics, and as has happened in most Dixie/Boone games, we fell for the trick plays that Coach Thompson always throws at us. Congrats to Boone on a big district win, and best of luck in the rest of the regular season. I'm not trying to demean Bricking in anyway. His completion percentage speaks for that. Coach Spritzky usually finds a way to right the ship at this time of the year, but I don't feel encouraged offensively with the exception of our running game. Dixie has 3 tough games left against Holmes, Campbell Co. and Ryle. I will always bleed red for my Colonels, but I feel the rest of the season will be too close to call. Again congrats to Boone. Farris is unbelievable. Hopefully we'll see you down the road in the playoffs.
  11. I know. I have a connection too! Hope you are feeling better!
  12. It was a scout, since the EKU coaches are in Birmingham AL for tomorrow's game vs. Samford. Anyway, EKU does look at SK intently every year since they have had such success with recuiting Matt Schoborg. I don't believe his injury scare will deter them. I just hope they took notice of Tommy Gibson while they were there.
  13. So sorry to hear that a class act and talented driver as Mark Martin is, will be put in the class of Bill Elliott and Terry Labonte to drive junk rides at the end of their careers. What is Mark Martin thinking? He just should have taken the top fulltime ride at Roush in the truck series, he'd probably win that, and eventually retired gracefully. Now is storied career will end shameful, finishing 25-35 every week like all of the rest of MB2's cars. It's very mind-boggling why he would do this to this career. He said before the 2005 season that that would be his last, to be able to spend more time with his family, Roush talked him into another year in the 6 car. Now he wants to stay? MB2?? The 2005 season was the farewell tour for him and Rusty, Mark's decision. I dunno. I just don't get it. I hate to see Mark end his Nextel career just riding around the track part time in a subpar car especially when he is in this chase this year. Roush has done alot over the years to give Mark a chance. I am no fan of Jack Roush, but it seems like Mark's loyalties are in question. It's not like he needs the money. MB2??? :confused:
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