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  1. When one team beats the other by 30 or so the first time around it's kind of hard to get excited for the second game.
  2. I think jmoore33 has it right. At Dayton even the kids coming to the high school level that have played football all their lives are relatively inexperienced due to the fact that many days the youth program in Dayton doesn't even have enough kids to conduct a practice. If they combine the two teams it will benefit both varsity programs by having more quality players to practice against therefore more experienced payers coming to the varsity level. Instead of having to teach players the basics at the freshman level the coaches can focus on more advanced things. These kids already socialize with each other. It's not like the good old days of being at war with each other any more. On a side note it is only a matter of time before the two school systems have to combine. It doesn't make sense to stay independent when two school that small could save the administrative cost by combining.
  3. I think Newport is moving in the right direction. Keep supporting the young coaching staff and work hard in the off season. They need to get the best athletes out and keep them eligible to play.
  4. All around best athlete Austin Collingsworth (Highlands) Best Lineman Jordan Hansel (Simon Kenton)
  5. I think he did less with more than any other coach in NKY last year. I think he still has some adjustments to make to being at Dayton and not a team like Highlands. Not saying he had a lot of talent last year but didn't do anything with what he had.
  6. From what I saw and from talking to some people with the team the biggest question is going to be the line on both sides of the ball. I hear there is some potential but only time will tell. I think they will have talent at the skilled positions.
  7. Honestly I don't think there is a lot of hope for the immediate future in Dayton. In a class A school you are very limited in athletics. Their feeder program has only won a couple of games in the last 4 years. These are the kids you have to choose from. In class A "It Is What It Is". The improvement in Dayton needs to take a long term view. Get the young kids excited about playing football and get some good coaching at the grade school level. Best of luck to the Devils its hard to completely rebuild for a class A school.
  8. Congratulations to Ricky Buckler of Bellevue. Some much deserved recognition for a small guy with a big hart and tremendous drive to play football. You are the epitome of what a high school football player should be. Your love of the game has made you a joy to watch over the last four years. You can be very proud to be included on the list. That isn't so easy for a kid on a class A team who didn't make it past regionals.
  9. Thanks KY Buckeye some very informative and honest info.
  10. My guess is that a lot of the voters didn't see Buckler play at all his team got knocked out in the regional finals. Probably most of them voted primarily for players they were able to see play in state championship games. Is that fair? probably not they should do a little research as to those player nominated from outside their area that didn't make it to state finals. Ram I'm fine with any title.
  11. Not so sure you really think your opinion is humble? LOL As I have stated no disrespect intended toward any players. Was more trying to give a forum for players left off. It is my opinion that the AP is political and to an extent regional bias. All players selected I'm sure are very good players and should be proud of their accomplishments. I'm glad you agree that Bucklers Stats are fantastic for a player left off the list, because that is exactly my point on the thread. Some kids who don't play for the big name schools or live around a large media area get left off I'm not saying intentionally just the way life is. I don't think a thread to recognize them is disrespectfully to other kids. I will agree my choice in the title could have been better.
  12. Not trying to change anything just a forum to recognize some kids left off the list. Maybe a bad choice in title on my part. I thought their would be a lot of players with good numbers listed on here. It seems to have turned into a forum for why Buckler was left off which wasn't the intent. Anyone know of another case or is Bucklers the most obvious? I'm a Bellevue fan and maybe a little bias toward him.
  13. I agree life isn't fair. But that doesn't mean you should take it laying down. Maybe another life lesson. Who knows just food for thought.
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