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  1. The question the Boyle faithful need to ask themselves is who would they get that is better than Chris Pardue? I can tell you. Nobody.
  2. Miguel Merritt of Hopkinsville was outstanding in '95 and became a starting LB for Alabama. But it was was a tall task to beat out Tim Couch even though Merritts team beat Couch's team 60 something to 0.
  3. No question what Chuck Smith accomplished is short of amazing. But I do believe he caught "lightning in a bottle". Nobody knew his name nor cared who he was his first 15 years as a head coach, because he won nothing. I sat in the stands and watched Danville beat his Boyle Co. team 60-7 in the last regular season game of 1998. Of course by the end of 1999 his legend was begininng to grow, and in spite of what you may think, a tremendous run of high school talent mixed with 5-6 division 1 calibar players over that time span created a dynasty. It was a perfect storm, so to speak.
  4. Trinity should handle BG to about the tune of 42-20. But for the record, BG also handled Bob Redmons Male team in Louisville. They also handled Ballard and Butler in Louisville in recent memory. The only time they've lost to a Louisville school in Louisville was to Waggener in '98.
  5. Why would Hines need a locker room? PC is less than a mile from Somersets field and they could dress in their own locker room, load a bus for 5 minutes, and go play. The only team that actually needed a locker room to dress in is Rockcastle.
  6. I don't disagree with what LN is saying. However, while other teams may actually return more on offense and/or defense each year, the players that must be replaced are a lot of times replaced with sophmore and junior players and not seniors that have been in the program for 4 years. That, IMO, is where T and X ultimately end up gaining an advantage whether it is early in the season or late.
  7. I won't disagree with that, but they are pretty good in the finals if they get Highlands.:thumb:
  8. No disrespect intended, but what exactly has Highlands and Dixie done the past 2 years to be ranked 1A and 1B? Johnson Central won more playoff games last year than in the history of their school! They are going to have to be more than a one year wonder for me to consider them a 1C. Highlands hasn't done anything but get beat by the eventual state champion the past 2 years. That is exactly what BG has done, yet you talk about BG not deserving of their ranking the past two years and Highlands should be? Highlands was ranked #1 all last year and Cov Cath was an after thought until they beat
  9. If they meet up with BG it will be in the State Semi finals, not the region final. I like Hopkinsville or Christian to take care of Owensboro in the second round. Owensboro has won 1 playoff game in 5 years.
  10. The very short history of John Hardin does not incline me to believe they are a top 5 5A team when considering all that are in 5A. They had a very good year in '05, but other than that they've been 3-7 in '01, 6-4 in '02, 6-5 in '03, 6-5 in '04, 11-2 in '05, and 7-4 in '06. They have been very successful for a program that has been in existance for just 6 years, but to proclaim them a top 5 team ahead of defending champs Cov Cath and an unranked defending champion Mercer Co. team is a stetch IMO. John Hardin's best wins in 2006 were against a 6-5 North Hardin team and a 7-6 Meade Co. team t
  11. There is no such thing as a full ride in baseball. All division 1 baseball programs have approximately 11.5 scholarships to divide up amongst the 30 or so players on the team. Most big time baseball players get drafted and start playing professional baseball right out of high school. Unless he is going to get drafted pretty high and put a significant amount of money in the bank, football is the best route financially.
  12. My preseason vote goes to Aaron Boyd of 6A Henry Clay.He plays in a big media market and returns the QB that will get him the ball. He already has more than a dozen division 1 offers.
  13. Henderson is a much better job than Pikeville and Oldham isn't even in the same universe as Henderson.
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