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  1. The 1992 University Heights Blazers. Isiah Victor, Marty Cline, Lamount Barnes and i know im leaving some out. Some of the older folks may have a diffirent opinion but that was the best team i saw out of the 2nd region. UHA and Henderson County could have played the best game ever in the regional finals that year at Madisonville high school.
  2. link from the Henderson Gleaner http://www.courierpress.com/news/2007/aug/01/clevenger-hits-ground-running/?gleaner=1/
  3. Sept. 1 E. Kentucky Sept. 8 Kent State Sept. 15 Louisville Sept. 22 at Arkansas Sept. 29 Florida Atlantic Oct. 4 at South Carolina Oct. 13 LSU Oct. 20 Florida Oct. 27 Miss. State Nov. 10 at Vanderbilt Nov. 17 at Georgia Nov. 24 Tennessee I think UK can finish 2nd in the east behind the defending champs as much as i hate to say it, this could be the year they beat Tennessee. They will beat Louisville this year.
  4. Coach Boston is going in his second season of coaching the Colonels. Josh coached the tight ends and d ends. Coach Bobbitt is going into his 3rd season as colonel coach. He coached the wide outs and secondary with Duffer last season. Before coming to Henderson he coached at Evansville North. He is from Mount Vernon In. Steve Towe is back on the coaching staff. He coached at Henderson off and on when the old man was the coach but never when Duffer was the coach. He has also coached at Apollo and at Hopkinsville the last time they went to the state championship.
  5. Does anybody else think that the administration is taking WAY to long to find a coach? I mean he still has to find assistants, get to know the kidos, and many other things. I think that this is really hurting the kids.
  6. I was wondering where some of the kids, from the Louisville Little League team, that won the World Series a few years ago, are now? Also does anybody know where Noochie Varner is? Thanks a lot.
  7. Im not going to say anything until i find out that it is true. i don't want to be the one that starts rumors that aren't true.
  8. Its going to be interesting to see how the board decides how to do this. Are they going to hire a new AD first, or are they going to hire a coach first. There was a few names floating around, one that i hope is true.
  9. more on the game http://www.courierpress.com/news/2007/mar/11/lady-cols-top-christian-county-56-50-for-third/?gleaner=1/
  10. Henderson just won 60-56 i believe. more info to come.
  11. If Lofton plays Ky has no chance, there is no one in blue and white that can guard him. The only problem for UT is, i dont think that Crews can stop Morris unless he plays like he did against UGA. Lofton is probally the best shooter in the nation, so if he plays i say UT blows out kentucky but without lofton UT by 6
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