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  1. haha...Well, I appreciate the invite! Fortunately, I've grown up in a family of successful coaches and I've seen what they do. I also had the chance to play in high school for Lincoln County and Danville HS....one being a great program and the other being an absolute super power, like you all in Ft. Thomas. I've had the opportunity to play for other great coaches, ex: Sam Harp, Mark Peach (Campbellsville Univ.), etc., and I'm fortunately now at a place, Mercer County, that is hoping to one day, get to the levels of a Highlands, Danville, Trinity, Beechwood, Mayfield, etc.....but, as I mentioned, and you attest to, all of those things have to be in place...and that goes for every school across the state that not only wants to, but is committed to having a top knotch program. .....that's one of the reasons why I am going to watch Metcalfe County play this week. Six to Eight years ago, they were the doormat of KY HS Football...we beat them 69-0 (A friend of mines cow pasture was literally better than their field at the time), and that was the score at the end of the 3rd..it was the same thing for the next couple years. IMHO, they are the best story of the past 10 years in KY football, so I'm anxious to see them now. They are a prime example, IMO, that any school across this state can establish themselves if everything that was mentioned and more, is in place. Best of luck to you all this week!
  2. ....and the fact that football is an absolute culture, way of life in Ft. Thomas. The mindset that anything short of a state championship is viewed as somewhat of a dissapointing year; embedded into young mens lives as soon as they start little league. To become the best that you can be. A belief that the hard work you put in year around, won't just make you a better player....but, will make your team better. A team of great attitudes. Coaches that work their tales off and expect nothing less from those that they are coaching. A community and fan support that is probably as good as it gets, any class, any state...they are with you when you WIN, and there for the team even more when they are having a "down year" (last years 7-5 record)...no finger pointing. Parents of the players are involved/supportive, but keep their distance and try not to interfere with what and how the coaches do their jobs....realizing that the coaches might just be coaching their sons real hard/ intense and to the naked eye, might seem unfair, but at the sametime know that those COACHES would go to battle over each and every one of them. An administration that is committed to not only academics, but athletics, in particular football (going off of their state CATS scores, other assessment, etc. ) .. These are some other factors, wouldn't you say Sweeper?!?....and, some good factors to have, at that.
  3. I agree with that, and no, Highlands doesn't have any "fat guys". If a kid can be 250+ and be in shape, that's great....icing on the cake, but if he is 250, out of shape, fat, weak and can't move...then, typically those types of kids don't get much action, unless they are at a smaller school or just on a team that doesn't have much depth. "If you can't move, you can't play." That's how I was brought up/coached....I was made a believer, if I hadn't, I woudn't have had any kind of success in HS and College as a player. I firmly believe believe that now as a young coach....it may not be the politically correct thing to necissarily tell kids, but it's pretty darn truthful. From the looks of things, that same saying or about that, seems to be a motto at Highlands.......I'd say it works pretty well for them?!:lol: :thumb:
  4. I thought about it, but I think I'm going to head for something new friday nite....planning on going to the Metcalfe County/Ft. Campbell game. Keep your phone on you, b/c I'm sure I'll be calling for some updates.
  5. What was said in that article hits the nail on the head. When we were watching film on Hopkinsville, it was hard not to just watch Highlands. I mean, the way they block and the EFFORT that their kids put forth on every single play was nothing short of amazing....I honestly have never seen a high school offensive line want to line up and physically try to drive you in the dirt on every play, and I'm not talking about just one or two guys, I'm talking about the entire front 5 or 6. A lot of that is a compliment to their coaching staff, but even more of it is a compliment to the KIDS on the Bluebird team...you can tell that their "Want To" and "Self Drive" is all there and then some. LC, you all are coached very well, and the aggressiveness/physical play that you all have brought with you to the field is a HUGE reason why you all are where you're at right now. Despite how good and physical you have played, you're just going to have to turn it up another knotch or two...and you can...and if you do that, it might just be a very special night. Best of luck from a Mercer County coach, that still to this day and will always call Lincoln County his home. :thumb:
  6. Another one, I remember was the win over Bowling Green at WKU in 1992. I don't remember the exact score at halftime but it was close and the Pats blew the Purples out in the 2nd half.I remember BG scored on the last play of the game to make it respectable.
  7. Ours used to be like that. I think the change came before the '91 season. Before then, though, we had 4 classes and 8 conferences/districts within each class.....and only the top two teams from each went to the playoffs. Then the 4 teams to the playoffs came about in '91. Actually, back in the 70's and 80's, the district champs were the only ones going to the playoffs. Whichever scenario there is, there are going to those that aren't happy, but I believe we can all attest that the current format isn't the way to go...then again, it might work itself out.
  8. Blue.... I just downloaded "Google Earth".....your alls place shows up real good from the satelite pic, along with every stadium in the NKY region...pretty slick to look at.
  9. The Danville Sports writers didn't pick them to win, but 4 or 5 games....you could find several others, though, that when they saw those predictions dropped their jaws in disbelief. I was one of them, and I wasn't alone. When you look at the whole scheme of things, yes, they lost two great players in Miller and Calhoun....but, on the flip side, they had their QB back, their line, a linebacking core that could be argued as one of the best in the state and an athlete, an absolute game changer and play-maker in Ryan Young. Taking that in consideration, I knew those predictions of 4 or 5 wins wasn't going to hold up. Good luck Pats!
  10. Yep. You don't get this far without being. I watched Frankfort the other nite and they just won the physicality part of the game, hands down....every team that makes it this far is physical. I was at the UK game today and some were asking me about Lincoln, and I told them the exact same thing that you just said, "Lincoln is Lincoln". They have a team full of "football players" mixed with a couple/few of the "athlete" type kids, "playmakers" that you HAVE to HAVE to win this far in the playoffs. That's been LC's theme for as long as I have known it. Anytime you mix those things, with great coaching, you get where Lincoln and 24 other teams across the state are right now...bottom line. I can remember others talking about these group of kids (Denson, Brummett, Rogers, Young and Co.)...(last years bunch of Miller, Calhoun, etc., too) when they were in elementary school and what a good, all around group of kids, students, athletes, etc., that they were....they've definately backed it up. I saw all of them at Applebee's the thursday nite before the Pulaski game, went and talked to all 10 or so of them and they said they come their every thursday after practice to eat....little things like that are a great sign of unity and togetherness....little things that usually help pay off in big ways.
  11. I wasn't able to make it to Stanford the other nite, but from what it sounds like on your end, which is very creditable, that the game/win v.s Johnson Central was a lot like the '93 Jaggers led team that was playing Warren Central, @ WC and the game was all tied up at the half, 7-7. Then, LC came out the 2nd half, after adjustments made and it was GAME OVER. What was the final of that game Network? 34-13? Can't remember....I was too busy with my ball boy obligations. :lol: Here's food for thought, and I could be a little biased on the best coach to roam the LC sidelines, but instead of doing that...how about just imagining if Phillips, Jaggers and French were all on the same staff. You think any adjustments and game planning would be going on in those conversations at halftime??!! :eek: It'd probably just be safe to tell the opposing team, "Look, if you aren't up at least 2 TD's at half, just forfeit the rest of it!"
  12. Pointing out the obvious here, 6 classes are too many...that's the first problem. There's not enough private schools to have their own class, well, there is, but even though the Holy Cross', O'Caths, DeSales, etc. have GREAT programs, I still think it would come down to a final four of CovCath, LexCath, St.X and Trinity every year, so that scenario is out the question. We could go to 5 classes, which I think everybody could tolerate more, and might just work at the best. .......or, just be done with it, go back to the 4, like it has been?!? That's just my two cents worth....if it's even worth that?! haha
  13. I'm not going to predict a score, but my heart tells me one thing and my mind tells me another....regardless, best of luck LC! I believe I can speak for all of us at Mercer County, Southwestern, Pulaski County and South Laurel when I say that you all are representing our district proudly......a district made up of teams that were questioned throughout the year as to if they were really much count throughout the season. Keep it up! Best of luck!
  14. he PA guy is the same guy that had his son play b-ball at Boyle County while he's always lived in Stanford and worked in Stanford.Go figure that one out
  15. First of all....I'm a big Goldsmith fan. As Chiefsmoke said, he is a great man and great coach, IMO, things just for whatever reasons didn't seem to get rolling like he and others had wanted, unfortunately. To add to what a couple others mentioned earlier, Lawrence County alum and former Campbellsville University star QB, Alan Short would be a great choice!! He has been at Adair County the past couple years, and some might think that the "lack of experience factor" would maybe not make Short a good choice, but I will firmly beg the differ on that. In some cases, Experience is over-rated, I will take it to the bank that Alan Short knows as much, if not more football than a good deal of coaches across the state that have had a lot more experience in the coaching game. He's very knowledgeable, great work ethic, enthusiastic, high energy, disciplined and a leader. Everything that a program could want.
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