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  1. Freshman will battle too. They will go for the first 40 minutes of scrimmage.
  2. I am interested in the Ryle/Daviess Co game. Far corners of the state coming together to do battle.
  3. Although I do agree with the sentiment of what you said. I can't recall a time Ryle lost in first round of playoffs. While the losses weren't always to the biggest names in the state, and expectations some of those years believe they might not have gone as far as hoped or believe they could... This is Ryle's last game over that span... Still to some pretty big names 16... Scott Co 17... Butler 18... Tates Creek 19... Dixie 20... Dixie 21... Trinity
  4. It's a bold statement to claim under achieving hype about Ryle. Not disputing BW has talent, but when they are playing Newport and NC when Ryle is playing X and Trinity. I see many people viewing Ryle as to 1,2, or 3 in NKY. They will be very good and tough matchup for anyone, considering bringing back starting QB, RB, top WR, and two OL, as well as entire secondary. This team will be senior driven with some very good under classmen.
  5. Aug 19 at Lexington Catholic Aug 26 at Conner Sep 2 vs. Cooper Sep 9 vs. DeSales Sep 16 vs. Highlands Sep 23 - BYE Sep 23 at St. Xavier Oct 7 vs. Campbell County (District) Oct 14 vs. Dixie Heights (District) Oct 21 at Simon Kenton (District) Oct 28 vs. Covington Catholic
  6. I can say I know this to be correct. Not gonna be the one to put his name out there, but this info is correct.
  7. I would love to see a reclassification... Have 4 public classes, and 2 private classes (big school little school). This would still give 6 classes throughout the state, but teams who are restricted to students from their districts wouldn't feel slighted they have to play the private schools who pull from anywhere and everywhere. Just doesn't seem right the private schools get to pull students from other counties and even other states, while the public schools would be in trouble for pulling a kid from same city but wrong district. Seems that is why you have so many common repeat champions and schools with really really good teams, (not always), but often fall short when going against the private power houses. JMO.....
  8. I was at the game. I commented several times that Trinity held so much, is was like the officials were like I just threw a flag for holding don't wanna throw it again. Not saying Ryle was without missed calls, but it seemed they could have thrown it every play. The discussion that took place with 3 officials had to do with the blatant PI that wasn't called against T where defender turned receiver. So T got the benefit of several missed calls.
  9. This is all the same talk I heard before Ryle played St X. As only like opponent, who also beat T, Ryle held their own. Untimely penalties vs that stout defense, really put them behind the sticks in that one. This Ryle team won't be intimidated by just a name. I predict a low scoring affair, and since both teams have really good place kickers, and I can see special teams being huge in this game.
  10. As many has stated over and over again, this happens so often before kids ever even reach high school. This is typically done before kids reach middle school, because there are rules regarding it once they reach middle school. Our 7th grade team played a Johnson Co team that ended our season. Each of our players were born in '04, while almost all of their players were born in '02. That's something the middle school teams have been battling since forever. I was told one year, Corbin had 23 players held back, after parents got together in attempt to form a super team. This happens all over the state, predominantly in southern and eastern part of the state. For the record, I absolutely hate the rule, but it is what it is, and when playing within the rules, can not fault anyone for taking advantage of options given to them by the state.
  11. True, and also a TD taken off the board for Ryle, for Savage's helmet being ripped off. Sure that is the rule, but should have been a facemask call, giving ryle ball on 1 with 2 shots to get in. Those points never hit the board.
  12. I know the Union Raider program is and always has been designated as a feeder programs for Ryle HS. With how the district is broken down, you can have kids from multiple middle schools who all in fact are in Ryle's district. Kenton county has open enrollment, so kids can go to any school they choose. The way Boone districts are, HS feeder programs try to emphasize the future in keeping kids who will play together all the way thru HS. UR, when founded, tried to join NKYMSA, even though 95% of kids went to Gray, but because couple kids went to other schools, (still in Ryle's district) were called a select team and banned. Lexington Catholic is also in Norseman conference.
  13. Anyone know why Highlands stopped playing in kmsaa...? For couple years they played in it and was in NKy Norseman conference with RYLE, COOPER, CONNER, BOONE, LEXINGTON CATHOLIC feeder programs. Then played in state middle school playoffs. Now I guess they're playing in NKy middle school league?
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