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  1. A school the size of Male should have no problems filling the void from last years seniors. I'm sure they had some juniors starting or at least getting tons of playing time in mop up situations last year. I hope Male has a great season with no injuries. Birds know what they need to work on and I'm sure they will take care of business.
  2. Just a positive thing to build on. Acting, more deserving? Those are your words.
  3. That would be Dalton Roller. Sat all season with a knee injury last year. Max Preps has him listed at 6' and 200 lbs. He will be a junior, I think.
  4. Lady Cards play Lady Wolverines at 9PM eastern on ESPND tonight.
  5. Home cooking at it's finest, and I'm not talking about Skyline. Thank God the Bengals scored that TD after the whistle was blown..
  6. Saw a sign in the crowd that read "Houston you have a problem." ☺️
  7. Thanks to CWB and all others that produced the video link for this game. Congrats to WC !!
  8. Good win for the Birds. Number 29 for the Birds caught another tough pass with a defender right on him. Took it to the house again. Last time he did that it was against CCH. I can't remember his name, but he's a player.
  9. According to Kirk H., UC needs lots of help due to the soft schedule they have remaining.
  10. Looks like Maxpreps has a link. Not to beat a dead horse, 49 or 70 it doesn't matter.
  11. It's not over until it's over. The Birds still have Cov-Cath on the schedule.
  12. 70 points in the first quarter? That has to be a record, obviously.
  13. Lawrenceburg has a great program and usually a contender for the playoffs. I'm sure the coaches didn't keep the ones in for very long in this one.
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