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  1. I didn't read the previous thread. Please delete this thread. Thanks!
  2. There will be no "dead period" this year for KY high school football teams.
  3. This event has been canceled. Jeff Ruby has donated all of the ground beef intended for this event, to the people of the Tenn. storm victims.Enough beef to feed 2700 people.
  4. Show me in my post that I was talking about the coach. Program yes, coach no. I worked at a job for over ten years, the same job, with no problems at all. Then I got promoted to a higher paying job and more expectations. The problem was that I was not producing the way they wanted me to. When people are doing the job and taking too long to get results, it rolls down hill. They liked the way I performed at my old job, so I got my old job back. Thankful I had a job and retired with the same company. I don't ever want to see anyone get fired but I would like to see some positive results. Starting a new job they usually give you 30 to 90 days to see you can do what's expected. It's been 5 years and the results are not any better. Finally I think the problem is more than just the head coach. Just my thoughts and I'm not bashing anybody.
  5. It's not accepted by me. I think of it the same as I always have. The program will return to normal when the right buttons are pushed.
  6. Really? Two state champion and a runner up the last three years, don't think it bothers the Birds at all. A loss is a loss doesn't matter who beat them. Flip the question, does CCH get bothered more by losing to the Birds than any team?
  7. CCH only won the Highlands game 13-0, but only because CCH didn't want to run up the score. :lol2: Looks like they did the same thing tonight. :lol2: On a serious note, Congrats to CCH and wish Mike Mayer the best in the future.
  8. Thank God CCH showed some mercy. Will they do the same for FD? :lol2: CCH has the same coach,same best player in the state and the same QB as last year. How can FD even think they have a chance of winning this game?
  9. I said it a long time ago that the HHS defense had their hands on hips in the first quarter. Always heard that it was from players being tired. Congrats to Conner.
  10. Don't look at the scoreboard. 157 yards of offense and 8 penalties for 98 yards. Hard to win with numbers like that. Serious question, who gets blamed for the penalties, coaches or players?
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