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  1. I think this is right except that I think North Laurel is in a similar category with Warren Central, but probably has a better chance because of draw.
  2. Cov Cath v Ashland and Warren Central v Male are both huge first round games. That lower bracket is stacked. Even though they potentially play in the second round NL and GRC got very favorable draws.
  3. They'd have to meet in the championship. That would be a BIG accomplishment for the Indians.
  4. 7th grade championship is Saturday at 12:30 between Beechwood and Highlands. This should be another good one. They split during the regular season with each team winning on the road, including a double overtime win by the Tigers at HMS.
  5. Twenhofel won as well. Thursday matchups are: Highlands v Twenhofel at 5:30 Beechwood v Turkeyfoot at 7:00
  6. I agree that Rylee could have scored more if featured in the offense, I don't think he'd have gotten 40 though. The turnovers are the killer against Ashland, happened to HHS as well. I noticed that there was a lot of reaching/swiping at the ball in both games. MY INTENTION IS NOT TO COMPLAIN ABOUT OFFICIATING, but those types of plays are often called fouls in the 9th often when there isn't even contact. It's good for players to experience how games are called in different regions as they'll have to adjust come tourney time, and neither HHS or CCH did a very good job adjusting. Maybe Starks adjusted better than anyone else as according to commentators he had about 20 uncalled fouls. I'm sure many Tomcat fans probably left NKY last year befuddled at the kinds of fouls called.
  7. I would say Cam and Seth Ryan have both come along nicely this year to fill important roles for the Birds.
  8. What's the alignment supposed to be? Seems like Conner MS should go to Conner HS, Ballyshannon to Cooper, and Grey to Ryle. Where does that put the Ockerman kids, and Camp Ernst? I think Ockerman used to be mostly Boone, but some went other places depending on geography or choice. I think Camp Ernst went to mostly Cooper, but that was before Ballyshannon existed.
  9. Thank for the info. I didn't know the Boone county schools allowed that.
  10. Curious about this comment. What's the difference in the player pool? I think Ryle is bigger than Cooper, Conner, Beechwood, Highlands, and several other teams that have had periods of success. What's the major difference in talent pool?
  11. Great writeup! Looked to me like everyone on the court (refs included) was still trying to find their stride early in the season. Hats off to the Cru for continuing to fight, they're young but showed the same great heart and competitiveness of the senior-heavy team from last year. Very positive reflection of the kids and coaching staff at St Henry. Would have been very easy to fold after getting down early, especially coming off the lopsided game against CCH.
  12. I think the perception outside the 9th region is that the Birds were a one man show last year. Vinson was incredible, but he was also surrounded by a lot of talented kids. I personally think this ranking is too low, but the kids that are back have to prove their abilities to a broader audience. The 3 returning starters (Barth, Harris and Herald) have shown glimpses, but will need to be consistent in leadership roles. Reed and Kocher need to show that they can be just as effective as last year with increased minutes. There are also a handful of talented kids that didn't get much run last year but are definitely capable of contributing at a high level. Kids like Duncan, Benke, Geisler, Kramer, Ryan, Vinson, and a couple others could all get meaningful minutes this year and will need to make the most of opportunities. I guess I've gotten a little long-winded here and could've just said that the Birds are somewhat unproven but definitely have plenty of talent and the great coaching to be ranked higher. I also think it's a sign of how much the program has changed under Listerman. Imagine complaining about a top 20 preseason ranking, coming off of a state title. Lol
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