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  1. Alot of the Froshmore teams seem to be driven by the numbers game. For schools that don't have enough kids to have a "true" freshman team. Many JCPS schools are like that now and it is a great way to get younger kids in the game.
  2. Yes, I am sure KCD is good, but I believe they had more players this game as 1A then Eastern did as 6A.
  3. Eastern was not playing a full team last week against KCD due to Covid quarantines. Maybe they would have lost anyway, but when 1/2 the team is in quarantine, I don't know it is the best performance. Nobody seems to be mentioning this when evaluating the score against KCD.
  4. The article also states Smith is staying on staff. I wonder if those kids can go back to their schools and play this year? I hope it works out for the kids.
  5. Has anyone heard if the KHSAA is setting rules regarding spectators, roster sizes, etc? I know some schools are requiring masks for kids for inside.
  6. Do we know how many Trinity has for freshman? I think last year, they were around 60. I would think JCPS is hurt too, except for Male.
  7. Heard they have over 70 kids on freshman. Covid definitely had an impact with most Jefferson County middle schools not playing last year.
  8. I am surprised they don't play CAL or Sayre. It would be good competition but not a far drive.
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