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  1. Think Washington is long retired his son Joe is a HC at a middle school in Jeffersonville though.
  2. That's correct. Atherton Football Schedule: 9/18 @ Henry County 9/25 Seneca 10/2 @South Oldham 10/9 Jeffersontown 10/16 Doss 10/23 @North Bullitt 10/30 @KCD
  3. Larry Cummings Senior Louisville Ballard He is one of the smartest High School QBs Ive had the chance to meet. Calm in the pocket, Strong arm and a good decision maker. Probably will be a top 5 6A Quarterback with Total Yards.
  4. Jymarrie (Jaguar) Johnson - Hudl Only 5 games last year but still exciting to watch. By the way..... will be a Junior this upcoming season.
  5. Jymarrie Johnson at Louisville Atherton is a unknown that can really be something special. 6' 2" 235 -Hard working young MAN -Basketball player -Down hill runner that will surprise you with his speed If Atherton has a winning record next season this guy will be a big part of it.
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