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  1. So if Hergott does come back for a fifth year does that push all the players behind him at QB to reclassify as well? That's the interesting part of this to me is what happens to the next player(s). I wish him all the luck whatever decision he makes - great player and represents BW well.
  2. I think the Ryle offense has a chance to be better this season - they are losing a lot as mentioned above but the next man up may end up better than those graduating as they develop and the new QB is in place and had a varsity start (274 yards / 3TDs) to get that out of the way this season as freshman. The wide receivers will be athletic led by Gardner and Smith who both saw significant time this past season. Running back will be an area to watch but they have some athletic players to slot in there. I would look for this to continue to be a pass first offense next season. The struggles fo
  3. Having seen Crone, Pitzer and Agee all play it would be Crone's job easily at either BW or CCH. He has had a high degree of success with a slight drop this year but experience in big games, great athleticism along with 2 years to play (assuming he is immediately eligible) makes him an easy choice. Pitzer has a good upside needs a fair amount of development still - great kid and has some CCH legacy there. Agee is a nice athlete who gives flexibility to play and upgrade you at multiple spots if he weren't the QB. Isn't there a Soph or JR on the CCH depth chart who would also be in the mix?
  4. Just following up on the Cooper question. They had a couple of lineman playing up as freshman last season and have had a transfer from the Cov Cath 8th grade team come over who played TE and LB.
  5. Give Ryle credit as well they have played this season without their QB from 8th grade as he is starting JV and backing up Lyons on varsity so they have been working to find a solid replacement. Beechwood is solid but with a mixture of 8th and 9th graders they can run into issues v a larger team. Cooper has a big strong line and has a strong run game. Super happy for these kids after struggling as 8th graders - lots of potential. Cov Cath is the best frosh team in my humble opinion - solid system from varsity on down and have some good solid players.
  6. Looks like a 4 to 5 win season for the Raiders (Cooper, Boone, Conner, Dixie and Campbell being the best chances). Anything new in the Raiders arsenal / players that could help that total?
  7. I thought all the players in this thread had fantastic tournaments with most making the all tournament team.
  8. Great post season tournament I thought the host sites did a nice job and Ockerman was a great host for the championship round. Pius and Ockerman seemed destined to meet in this game all year and did not disappoint to close it out both teams left it all out there on the court in a championship atmosphere with the turnout. It will be fun to see which kids get to play at the JV and maybe even steal a few varsity minutes next year pending their school of course and the freshman games will see a good class - some great talent in the championship and all the schools as a whole. Fun seas
  9. Who are your favorites going into the tournament? Pius Highlands Ockerman After that I would say it's pretty open. Woodland would have a shot at the finals pending when / if Giffen can get back from injury.
  10. SVA at Ockerman 6th Ockerman by 20+ 7th SVA by 10 or so 8th Ockerman by 30+
  11. No order; Hussey - Pius was a lot stronger this year and his driving ability added a dimension to his outside shot Class - Highlands he's probably the most physical of all the 8th graders this year Jones (35) - Ockerman definitely improved this season the pick and roll with Verax is pretty tough to defend. Intermediate jumper was good. Has a bit of a bully mentality which is good in the post Verax - Ockerman was used in a different role than past seasons as more of a distributor but still solid year Giffen - Woodland kid can flat out score Best duo Jones / Verax
  12. Woodland at Ockerman 6th Ockerman by 6 (was 15 when reserves went in) 7th Ockerman wins 8th Ockerman by 10 - great game the Hawks battled back from being down 10 points in the 2nd quarter and 7 at halftime. The 1-3-1 someone mentioned previously got Ockerman going when they switched to it. Woodland 8th grade is a great tough team made for a fun cap to the evening.
  13. Grant Co at Ockerman 6th Ockerman by a lot 7th Grant Co in a close game by 3 8th Ockerman by a lot
  14. Ockerman at Grant Co 6th grade Ockerman by a lot - all players got in the scoring column 7th grade Grant Co by a lot 8th grade Ockerman by a lot - all players got in the scoring column
  15. Conner at Ockerman 6th grade Ockerman by double digits 8th grade Ockerman by double digits everyone played a lot Not sure on 7th grade they were at Conner
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