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  1. Game turned on 2 turnovers, a spot, and two questionable td calls. There are 4 teams in 2a that the rest of the class looks up to, as Russel does to Ashland in 3a
  2. Should be an interesting and revealing night for both programs.
  3. Sept 11 is a big game for more than one reason isn’t it?
  4. Looking forward to seeing schools survive and overcome the many economic issues in Eastern Kentucky. The schools inside Boyd, Greenup, Carter, and Lewis can make it and hopefully they will!
  5. There will have to come a time when everyone will need to either watch Animal house or YouTube “Blutos speech,” and get going. The consequences of the foreseen and unforeseen consequences of not playing this fall are non-recoverable.
  6. No concessions? I have been overwhelmed with the gloom and doom negativity on here but just exactly how are football and band programs supposed to make it without any financial assistance. You remove financial sustainability, you remove sports. Remove sports and charter schools are the only option.
  7. Herd immunity will come quicker than relief from scientists or people I will not mention on this board.
  8. Disagree. There should be numerous treatment options coming in the upcoming months. As to a vaccine, I am confident the majority of the population does not take part in the flu vaccine. The last numbers I seen, flu was still in the lead for most deaths. I am not advocating ignorance, but am against the extreme that a vaccine and its timeline are the only cure all. I as with anyone eagerly await a vaccine, but it’s not the only option on the table.
  9. If that’s an issue then public schools are dead. Turn out the lights the party is over!
  10. The NFL could provide testing for high schools nationwide if they want to save their sport. Lowe’s could sponsor the The streaming of all games, and following Lowe’s lead we know their business is exempt from any restrictions.
  11. One things for sure, I hope the vast majority of posters/experts on this thread have no say in the decision as to whether or not there is a season. Never have I seen a more pessimistic thread about such a sacred topic. Gloom and doom cash it in. With the spread of the virus by July we will either be better or be worse...but ideally there are multiple items that could be discussed to solve the problem. One thing that I believe wholly, as with everything else, people are just gonna have to go through it without any assistance from the government or science. By July hopefully people just do it, with possibly some attendance restrictions and technological off site viewing options
  12. Looking forward to East carter and Shelby valley games. I believe these two games represent both old rivalries and new.
  13. Forget the original post....moving soccer to spring would be awesome. Football players having access to soccer and vise versa.
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