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  1. I thought the Colonels had a mostly Junior/senior line. Maybe a little inexperienced but played as many minutes as last years starters.
  2. This will be a stat game for Highlands players. Unless they hired a new OC, expect a replay but worse from last week. Clearly Coaches at Covcath respect Mike enough to call the dogs off mid second quarter. Let’s see if Highlands will do the same
  3. Well he is about to have a bigger problem once the MAC opens. Mustang Athletic Complex. There will be a small percentage of athletes going to Brossart to get away from the politics of Campbell County. To make even more matters worse for them Newcath’s enrollment numbers are in the gutter which points in 2 directions. Ft Thomas or the 2 other catholic school. Brossart and Covcath. Again maybe time to clean the slate and start from the bottom up. It’s not working has has not been for over 20 years. I think the head coach should have the right to pick all his coaches from top down. They are all paid position at the school. Should be an interview process or something to get the qualified coaches you need to start a successful program.
  4. As an alumni of the Rebels. I am happy that Boone County administration has finally got something right since Coach Haulk left the program. They better hold on tight to Bryson Warner. He will turn the program around and get it back on track like it used to be in the 90’s. Go Rebels!
  5. Looks like the smartest thing for Mike Wolfe to do would be clean house from top to bottom. Since everyone that coaches in the county program is paid should make it easy to interview and bring in people that fit his model. That is if the school truly values the program for what it is or how it performs. 1700 kids in that school. Most of the athletes don’t play. Someone needs to find the “why”!
  6. You will know what the future looks like by there JV team and there youth league. Not sure how they are preforming but that will tell you what’s coming up. There freshmen and jv teams have been pitiful last few years which makes sense why the varsity team had -47 yards on 32 plays.
  7. Campbell County has to start thinking about a QB change and start to look for an offensive coordinator. -47 yards on 34 offensive plays should not cut it anywhere.
  8. NCC by double digits. Lee will be a non factor in this game. Not sure why he is not playing QB either?
  9. Campbell can not get out of their own way. Colonel starters play 1st half and 1 series of second. Then they put the leashes back on. I do believe the JV beats the camels as well. Final after both teams face the 1’s 52-7
  10. Covcath has a lot to improve on. Schedule only gets tougher after next week.
  11. You think Steven Lickert laughed all the way home back to NCC? Statement win was for his staff for sure.
  12. Personally think this will be the Tigers biggest down year. They lost a lot of weapons and big linemen. I see Hergott running a lot this year. No championship run this year.
  13. CCH also had a kid from Ryle transfer in who will play. Collins is his last name. Tough kid and will contribute.
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