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  1. Seems like this Danville squad is headed in the right direction after a couple lean years.
  2. Great win for South Warren, could be huge come playoff time.
  3. Great opening game for this somewhat more "blue collar" group of Rebels. The next 3 games will test their metal for sure.
  4. Congratulations Reed! Centre hit a home run with this signee.
  5. 3A - Belfry 36 - Bell 10 5A - Freddy D 28 - Cov Cath 17 6A - Trinity 21 - Male 17 1A - Pikeville 14 - Paintsville 10 4A - Boyle 23 - JC 20 2A - Somerset 14 - Mayfield 13
  6. Last years Boyle/Belfry game would be a better comparison than the Corbin game. JC and Belfry run a very similar ball control power offense with little or no passing. As for the physical aspect, my son played defensive end for Boyle and on the offensive line on certain sets. He said the Belfry game was much more physical and hard hitting than the Corbin game and took a toll that lingered into the next game for several of the Boyle players.
  7. Several key players for Boyle limped off the field at one time or another tonight. Reminded me of last years game with Belfry that resulted in the Rebels going into Corbin beat up and struggling in a losing effort.
  8. It was not pretty but the Rebels did what they had to do and pulled out a hard fought win. They will need to sure up there tackling and eliminate the turnovers next week to beat the Golden Eagles though.
  9. Bengals fans have lived through this type of season many times in the past, kinda conditioned to not being competitive even against a team as bad as the Steelers. Pittsburg fans just need to relax an let the empty feeling of acceptance sink in and let this become the new normal.
  10. I just don't see how Central can score enough points to win this game. This will be the best defense they have faced all year. Even if they managed to hold the Rebels to 21 I think that will be more than enough to seal a win for Boyle.
  11. The Cardinals had a successful season and have a lot to build on. I appreciate your game reports and insight each week and look forward to next season with you.
  12. It's not just high school football that is seeing a decline in attendance. Almost all spectator sports are having trouble putting butts in the seats. Major league baseball, the NBA, NACAR even the mighty NFL are seeing more and more empty seats. I am a big motorsports fan and the Nascar race at Kentucky Speedway this year was maybe 50% full. The NHRA U.S. Nationals used to be standing room only for 3 of the 5 days of the event and this year you had more empty seats than occupied ones. Competition for our entertainment dollar is taking its toll on all these sports and more. One thing I have not seen mentioned is a lack of interest buy the younger generations. Growing up with all the electronic stimuli they have at there disposal is changing what people do for relaxation and entertainment.
  13. This is your 3A State Champion game. Either of these two will roll Bell or Taylor Co.
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