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  1. I agree, if you go watch the game on NHFS network, you will see why the Jags beat this team. They were long and athletic, but they could not guard. That's why when the Jags attacked the rim, they scored and/or drew fouls. Also, amazing how a simple ball/shot fake got them in the air and the jags exploited this. That team was taken out of their comfort zone and could not adjust. Hacking and being physical did not intimidate the jags. Fundamentals, execution, toughness and superior coaching made the difference. Personally, the "style" of play I like in any sport is a ""winning" one! #keepdoingyou
  2. I agree, you do need to see the video, and you would rethink most of your statement. There were several bad calls, as is any sporting event, against both teams. I will also say that the majority of the "questionable" calls went in favor of the visiting team. Anyway, officiating, good or bad is part of the sports landscape. Bottom line is the Jags gutted one out and that's a sign of toughness and understanding what it takes to win. This was a great growing up and learning opportunity for several players.
  3. Interesting observations. Stay focused, develop depth, stay humble, stay hungry, do you and outwork yesterday!
  4. Solid win for the Jags. Defense really changed the game and brought more intensity after a slow start. Stay scrappy and keep building depth! #1family1love1process
  5. Not surprising at all. Talented young man and great family. Many more to come!
  6. Muskie, you are incorrect Michael Spencer did play at CCH. Starter on the freshman team and a significant player on the JV, especially as the season progressed. He's about 6'4" and is still 15 years old. He's still growing and developing as well as recovering from injury. He can be as good he wants to be if he continues to put in the work. Please check game film or talk to someone that truly knows like his coaches Freddie, Franzen or Ruthsatz. Did you watch the JV tournament last year, especially the JV finals? Get informed before you spout. CCH has a great program and all the kids compete and push each other. So does Cooper! Different programs, but both get the most out of their players. Unless you attend practice, how do you know what ability any of the kids have? Did you go to all of the games? Teams with depth have to figure out how to use or not use it effectively. I support and encourage all of our NKY athletes, not tear them down with hearsay and speculation. Looking forward to some competition and exciting games in NKY this season. Good luck to all the coaches and players! Stay blessed and injury free.
  7. Jags win 13-6. Why? Because no one expects them too. Who thought Appi State could beat Michigan? Strap up, man up, play for each other and leave it all on the field!
  8. Jags Win! Stay the course, keep working, keep getting better.
  9. Anyone who has ever played a competitive sport, especially football knows that the true character of a team is how they respond to adversity. What do you do when things are not going well? Do you embrace the challenges, self reflect, uplift your team mates and dig deeper or do you doubt and look for someone to blame and excuses? Tough times build character and should drive you to work harder and hopefully smarter! Encourage the players and the staff, even if you disagree. The team is bigger that any coach or single player. Stay in your lane and do your job. If coaches coach and players play, success will come. Enjoy the journey and grow from each challenge! I expect these coaches and players to go out and compete every game for 4 quarters. There was much better attitude and effort against Dixie inspite of some crucial turnovers. No time for chumps, compete like a champ everytime you are given the opportunity! Heads up and strap up Jags...Invictus! #aintnofutureinthefrontin
  10. Hey Jags, its game day! What a privilege to get another opportunity to strap em up. Bring your hustle and heart for 4 quarters and see what can happen. Big Sean says bounce back! "Tough times don't last, tough people do!" - Bear Bryant
  11. Cov Cath is not "holding up" paperwork. They have too much class for that and think very highly of Spencer. Its just the KHSAA process. He will be ready when the time comes. “Patience, grasshopper, good things come to those who wait."
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