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  1. Who on BGP would pay to watch Brooksville vs LCDAWGS in a 1 on 1 basketball matchup? I certainly would! May the best man win!
  2. Just another game where Antrobus can rest his sprained ankle. Will be a close game. I'll take Paris by 4 on senior night.
  3. How many coaches before they play Madison Central say "We need to go at Cozart and get him in foul trouble!" ?? Probably not a good game plan since he's blocking 7-12 shots a night.....LOL
  4. I have a nephew that plays for Pendleton, but I live in Flemingsburg. The following statements are 100% true: 1. 3:23 left in the game. Bracken County's Tanner Fisher and Trey Deaton were subbed out along with Pendleton County's Dontaie Allen, Jacob Yelton and Grant Walsh. All 5 players were starters in this game. 2. Dontaie Allen has legit D1 offers while Austin Crawford turned down a full ride at UPike to walk-on at Morehead State. 3. Dontaie Allen would start for anybody in the state of Kentucky. He's a 6'6" guard who has a 7 feet wingspan and averages 31 and 11. 4. Bracken County's Brady Jones played poorly last year in the district and regional tournament. If he had played well in the Mason County district finals and against Campbell County in the regional semi-finals Bracken County would have won their first district championship since 1999 and had a much better chance of getting to the regional finals.
  5. Seeding would have some god awful first round games...
  6. Lost their entire starting 5 including their best player (B. Stanley) transferring to Walton-Verona. He's their starting PG now and WV just finished runner-up at Class "A" State.
  7. Pendleton should play Augusta every year. They were in the same district from 1959-1996.
  8. I'm not sure how healthy NewCath is but they played their best 10 players vs. Pendleton County according to KHSAA.
  9. In Boys Basketball DJ Jenkins played for Scott County and Harrison County in the same season during 2014-2015 season.
  10. On BluegrassPreps....yes it does. Everyone is a coach on here! You didn't know this?
  11. A school with the enrollment of Ryle's shouldn't be losing to a region opponent by 52 points.....
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