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  1. For those people that are continuing to defend the students.... you are missing an opportunity. The boys were waiting for the bus minding their own business. Okay, except perhaps taking your shirt off, flexing your muscles, jumping up and down chanting CCH while in the middle of a ProLife march at our Nation’s capital is a bit self entitled in itself? You aren’t in a gym playing a basketball river? Perhaps the other demonstrators do not realize what you are doing, you know, you ARE at a demonstration. Missed opportunity #1. African Americans come across students. Notice the lack of diversity and make negative comments to such lack of diversity. Perhaps open your eyes to even larger problem? Teachable moment on how to march and move on? Teachable moment #2 opportunity missed. Native American elder approaches the two groups. Marches in the tight group to peacefully move the two groups away from one another. The boys continue to chant. The boys make tomahawk motions with arms. The boys dance in traditional Indian mannerisms. One member of group firmly plants self so the elder is unable to pass by. Missed learning opportunity #3. Letter to parents prior to news hitting. Missed learning opportunity #4. Massive public outrage via social media. Many people saying “you need to hear the whole story”. Missed opportunity #5. Letter from student to news. Letter does not adequatemy address any of 4-5 prior missed opportunities. Unfortunately, this is now the missed teachable moment #6. Can someone in the brotherhood rally the group? At this point the only acceptable response is to simply say. Our young men were on a Pro Life demonstration. This is an honor to represent our school and community at an event in a city where we are unknown. Several events happened where we have an opportunity to teach our young men. We did not represent well. Please stop vilifying our young people on social media. We understand the enormanity of their actions. We will teach them better. You have another great opportunity to fix this. This is Martin Luther King Jr. weekend. There you go. A softball tossed right to you. Please stop defending bad behavior. It was wrong in any circumstance. It makes me sick that this has turned political. Be the change guys.
  2. Like I said, I’m most saddened that adults are missing an opportunity to educate our young men.
  3. The video and story were just on the NBC Nightly news. This entire situation saddens me. I’m sad that young men feel empowered in groups to be disrespectful. I’m embarrassed for my city. I’m embarrassed for my faith. Like it or not, these young represent me. I’m most sad that the people with the power to teach our youth, are instead choosing to defend or explain this bad behavior. I’ve viewed multiple videos. In any situation on HOW this started, the behavior is unacceptable. When I first saw the video, I knew I would hear someone say “he’s just standing there. He’s not doing anything.” And, while that may be true, we all know that the young man was empowered by the group. That is mob mentality. He was standing there firm, daring anything to happen because that would empower the white privledge and give a reason to take action. I know many wonderful families that send their sons to this school. However, I am in agreement that the culture at that school must change. Someone earlier posted that the crazies will push the limit in their chants to ALMOST cross the line. No one stops them. Why? In my own youth, I went to Holmes. I’m a grown woman but vividly remember the racist chants from when I was a cheerleader and cheered in that gym. The culture still exists. It does. It saddens me because I know many good families with kids there today. Those people are now saying the news is slanted. Please..... just agree that these young men need to learn. Learn that the real world is not the white, upper middle class population at the school. Learn that there is a giant world out there and you are one small piece is that world. Use your privilege for good. Use your privilege to educate. Use your privilege for kindness. Be Christlike. Long post. Sorry. I am saddened by the behavior of these young men and more so by the people defending the behavior.
  4. This made me laugh because it’s true! No one in Cincinnati cares where you went to college because the connections all come together by figuring out where you went to high school and who you know! The opening day parade is a must see. Finke’s Goetta is the ONLY Goetta worth trying! Go see Billy at the Market and tell him you’ve never tried it and he will give you samples for free. Go see a Cincinnati Ballet performance at Music Hall Pray the steps on Good Friday. Visit the museum center to see the historic murals We are lucky to have many beautiful locations in our city to add to a bucket list.
  5. That was my nephew! This team is primarily freshman and sophomores. I expect them to compete in the next couple of years. Thank you for the nice words. They sure need it after getting creamed the last two years.
  6. I was wondering if anyone would bring this up! This is the first thing that came to my mind!
  7. Will you add Derrick Barnes - 2017 graduate from Holy Cross (Cov) - Purdue.
  8. I'm a recruiter for a large international company. I'm on the phone about 100% of the day.
  9. I've been working from home for the past 10 years. My company has moved to the open space work environments. It's pretty but it would be so difficult for me to go back to an office. Frankly, I am annoyed by the "social" aspect of being in an office. How do people get anything done? At home, I have a dedicated space and I'm focused. I'm busy so often I work a longer day than others in the office! No commute. When the kids were little I could be home while tending to them if sick. I wear my comfy stretch pants. I can walk the dog or cut grass during lunch. If I need to feel connected, I pick up the phone and chat with another remote colleague in Florida, Seattle or Boston. I'm so happy technology has given tools to allow people to work anywhere.
  10. I tuned in to see #55 Freshman linebacker Derrick Barnes, Holy Cross alum. He's gotten bigger!
  11. I'm pretty close to the program as well. I'm not sure what you think might be going on but there isn't? Not with football. I will, however, answer your question. We had several coaches leave over the past few years because their sons graduated including this past season. Many of us knew this would be their last. It was understood from the beginning and no surprises. We had one coach that accepted a new teaching position last year but wanted to finish out the season with this Senior class. Again, no surprises, we all knew it would be his last. There is another long-time coach that has come and gone a few different times for a variety of reasons. We had two younger coaches that were with us for 2 seasons. I'm not sure their specific reason but usually young guys leave start to have families, etc. We wish them the best becuase they are great coaches and gave a lot to the kids. And finally we have one long time coach that has been there since day one with Koz. I agree with @nkypete, people leave for a variety of reasons, that doesn't mean there is a problem with the program. In fact, it is just the opposite at HC. We have people associated with the program that stay to support the team and coaches for years after their kids have moved on. Including @nkypete. Holy Cross is an interesting school that attracts kids from all over. It really does make it special that you get a hodge podge of kids all thrown together from various areas. It's the best thing about the school. This same 'hodge podge' is what makes it tough to develop a pipeline of kids for sports. There is not the same "drinking the kool-aid" in ementary school that other schools have. Sometimes we really don't know who is going to play until they show up for their first practice. For this reason, there will be amazing teams and down teams. It is what it is. The football team will be down for a few years. There are GREAT people associated with the program. It will go back up. So, yes, I do believe you may be uneducated on what you think is going on with the Holy Cross football program. We have some young guys on the field this year. Those guys need every bit of encouragement. They are working very hard and they do have some talent. We will struggle EVERY game this year. Please don't be too harsh on your judgement of them. They know they aren't very good. They don't need to get on here and read how the program is falling apart because they are having a tough season.
  12. The Indians will take their lumps this year. No one has any varsity experience except the QB. Many of the kids are freshman and sophomores and visually you can see the disadvantage on the field. Coach Koz is a great man. I've had two sons go through the program. Both have played for 1-9 teams and I have one son with a state championship ring. This isn't anything going on in Latonia. Coaches left because their kids graduated. We had one kid leave because the season had the writing on the wall. It's all good. I can't wait for 3 years from now and we are talking about how great the team is as seniors because they got so much experience as freshman.
  13. HC lost a ton. That's for sure. However, they picked up a large group of very athletic freshman this year. The team will take some lumps this year. Hopefully that builds this young group up to a strong force in the next few years. This sounds like it may be a great and pretty even game for both teams.
  14. Heartbreaking. Sending my condolences and prayers to the family. One always wonders why children are taken too soon. No words. My daughter is a dancer and knew this sweet girl. Dance on....
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