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  1. I wouldn't go that far Ref, but there are some sick individuals that would love to see any President hurt because of their political affiliation or any other motives. I would like to see not just this forum, but our entire country get past the "they did it as well" argument. I just don't see how that benefits anybody. Don't get me wrong, if someone says a prior administration didn't do something call them out, but I can't see our country moving forward if we only criticize the other side and can't look in the mirror.
  2. There's a saying in the military: Respect the rank, not the person. You can obviously respect both. I respect the office of the presidency, however, I don't have respect for POTUS as a person. Personally Science, I'm of the mindset that people automatically get my respect until they lose it.
  3. He did say we will get tired of winning. I know I am. :sour:
  4. I'm afraid Maher has gone too far down the rabbit hole. That Jim Jefferies and Piers Morgan clip was disappointing. This what a lot of the left has become, a lot of yelling and name calling and not trying to persuade people.
  5. Arsene Wenger- Coach of EPL team Arsenal Shaggy (my personal favorite from this list) Christopher Llyod Jesse Tyler Ferguson of Modern Family Jeff Goldblum Robinson Cano Ichiro Suzuki
  6. How did it go? Was there a good debate? Were both sides presented well?
  7. FDR had his fire side chats, Trump has twitter lol. Social media is one aspect that helped Trump win the election, so I don't see him letting up. The thing I find most funny about it is that Trump is the anti-pc crusader, yet one could argue he some thin skin.
  8. Since PP92's inner petty crocker is out, I might as well say this: Kobe sucks, Lakers suck, Duke sucks, and go Celtics! :ylsuper:
  9. Trump says US will prioritize Christian refugees - CNNPolitics.com Is he allowed to do this?
  10. Yep and apparently Trump will let Mattis override his opinion. I hope that's the case more often than not.
  11. Trump says Mattis will 'override' his own views on torture - NY Daily News One thing about Pres. Trump is that he is impressionable. I don't know if I love or hate that about him. Sec. Of Defense Mattis is a very reasonable and logical man, as long as Trump has him whispering in his ear for advice I can sort of have a sigh of relief.
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