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  1. Lex Cath had a 10 point lead in the 3rd quarter as well. Nice win for Beechwood.
  2. A new school in the 11th region with many of the programs that Fredrick Douglass will offer in order to attract all types of kids to school is a step up from mercer county. Can't blame the guy.
  3. Scott County couldn't do anything with him. Got anywhere he wanted. Moreno kid is a star in the making. Great game. Have a feeling they will meet again down the road.
  4. How is Luke Johnson from Lex Cath not on this list? There certainly not 33 players better than him. And Hollingsworth at 17? Wow. Disagree whole heartedly with order but not a terrible list.
  5. Nice player. Solid. don't remember him being overly athletic or great defender or great shooter. Good for him. Maybe I saw him on a bad day. Congrats. MuWV- did he start as sophomore last year? What were his stats? Look forward to watching him this year. Put anyone of quality next to the Johnson (most under rated player in state) and Payne kids and LC should be pretty good.
  6. Not gonna beat Dunbar if they make shots like they did tonight. Really playing well. Have to be the favorite in Richmond next week. Congrats to LCA on a good season. They will be better next year.
  7. If Darius is so good how come Dunbar has not won a regional tournament game since he has been there? Think the kid is a nice player but no one that knows about basketball cares if you can score 40 points or if you have been box and one since you were in 6th grade. Best thing Darius can do is not worry about rankings, what other people think or how many shots he gets and lead his team to the state tournament. A lot of pressure on the bulldogs this year!!!!
  8. 7 - Trinity 5 - Buckhorn 3 - Clark County 2 - Robertson Co. 1 - Williamstown TB - Buckhorn
  9. 1st Region: Paducah Tilghman 2nd Region: Hopkinsville 3rd Region: Daviess County 4th Region: Bowling Green 5th Region: Taylor County 6th Region: Fern Creek 7th region: Trinity 8th region: Owen County 9th region: CovCath 10th region: Campbell Co 11th Region: Henry Clay 12th Region: Mercer Co 13th Region: Clay County 14th Region: Buckhorn 15th Region: Lawrence County 16th Region: Elliott County Championship Game: Mercer Co. vs. Taylor County State champion: Mercer Co.
  10. 1. Dunbar The rest: Lafayette, HC, Station, Lex Cath IMO Dunbar is head and shoulders better than everyone. Class of their own. Hands down the overwhelming favorite. Lafayette, HC, Station, Lex Cath all about even. Lex Cath is the sleeper in my opinion Players: Tavieon Hollinsworth Darius Williams DeAndre Dishman Luke Johnson (kid is a star, but no one has seen him)
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