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  1. He is. Gonna n a great one . Your chef LCA for 25 last week
  2. Knights win on senior night. Tc price 17 points , 7 assists. Keegan Bailey 4 ally oop dunks. Freshman Ben Johnson knocked down several threes.
  3. Best game in the state so far this year. Catholic wins in overtime. Tons of twists and turns in front of a packed , rowdy crowd at LCA.
  4. I admit that there are a few years here and there. But I'm sure you guys agree year in and year out 7&11 much stronger than 12. No dog in the fight.
  5. Cat, couple things . 1- Why would you want to make a quarter final like a semi final? 2- trinity and Scott co are the top two teams with no or little arguement. 3- historically speaking , the 12th is not the 7th. I'm sure either would like to play the 12th champ.
  6. I'd rather have a low seeed play a high seed in first round and watch any upsets.( see NCAA 15 vs 2 exact) not a blowout in the following round.
  7. 11th and 7th play in the first round? So if what everyone says is going to happen, The top two teams in the state play in the quarter finals. Besides fern creek or cov catholic , either team could blast the remainder of the field. Seeding is the only answer.
  8. Layfette by 5- 1 min- pretty much over. Bad shots by Catholic down the stretch.
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