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  1. For those that follow Cooper. How strong is Cooper's pass rush on D?
  2. Wow. That's awesome having the ability to track that.
  3. I agree 100% freshman football is all about development and fostering an atmosphere where the kids stay engaged and involved. In many ways a freshman teams true success should be shown when kids are juniors and seniors. IMO
  4. I can see how one would think this is a possibility. I even thought this might be the case as well. But earlier in the game the kicker was kicking the ball down field very consistently. The kicker was also making extra points with little to no trouble. As we all know, even a bad squib kick is typically going to at least make it to the second level of the return team. These two kicks were directly at the first level of the return team and obviously kicked to not go more than 10 yards. The negative reaction that was easily heard from many of the Ryle fans of the onside kicks was even obvious. Like I said, different teams have different approaches... On a side note, Ryle does probably have one of the best kickers I have seen at the freshman level this year.
  5. 100% correct. An important, if not the most important aspect of Frosh football is about developing players for the varsity level and developing them in the same system so there is a clear and efficient transition. Another important aspect is fostering an environment where players keep a strong interest. As we all know some kids develop at a slower rate than others. A kid that is not as good at the freshman level could develop and grow into a fantastic player at the varsity level. These are two areas where Highlands is doing a great job. Another approach is to kick onside kicks while up 30 late in the game and use a fraction of its roster. Both approaches will win you games but I have to believe the first approach is a more sustainable long-term model. Nice win for Ryle. They have a great freshman team and were the better team last night. Here's to hoping both teams finish the season healthy
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