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  1. In person : Ozzie Smith - Go Crazy Folks Mark McGuire - 70 Fernando Tatis - hitting his 2nd grand slam in one inning ALL TIME : Kirk Gibson - The impossible has happened
  2. 1.) College rule OT. 2.) Celebration penalty eliminated unless extremely excessive. 3.) Penalties inside the red zone if regulated to half the distance to include a first down.(IE off-sides on defense at the three results in first down from the 1 1/2 regardless of what down it was originally.) 4.) Targeting penalty eliminated.
  3. Sevgeral factors to consider when moving teams. Size should be JUST ONE. Overall record for the past four years should be another. State titles would figure in and so would state title appearances. You cant just classify schools based on the size of each. That is asinine, and exactly why you have the mismatches you have now.
  4. Only move down one class at a time. Probably 4 year spans on moves. Moving classes based on both a team moving up and one moving down. Equal.
  5. IN NO WAY would I be considered Bernie Sanders. Bernie would be more for the everyone wins program that we have now. Playoffs that are TOO deep, Champions crowned for beating inferior competition, and more control by the powers that be. What I am suggesting is that schools that have the ability to play up do so to test themselves (a team gets no better playing teams that they can dominate without being challenged). Sure, schools that are not successful in the class they are in will be moved down, but only proportional to those moving up. The ones crying about this suggestion the most are the ones that are glad their particular school is dominating the class they are in.
  6. No Jail Bird, some teams had rather be considered the 33 or so best team in the state, or the 70 some odd team in the state, or the 111th or so, or about the 150th best, or the 190th best or maybe even be happy as better than 31 others or so. As long as they can claim state titles in such a class all is well. Let's not worry about the teams that get dominated year in and year out in these classes while others continue their domination and build bigger trophy cases. Not saying all of the state title winners fit this category, but some most definitely do. These are the teams that should play up a class, and allow teams that are constantly dominated see if they can compete in a lower class. LET THE BASHING BEGIN
  7. Except for the home field advantages, I like this one. Would not be hard to implement at say the final eight. This would reinvigorate the fans too.
  8. NO HOME GAMES for state titles. Neutral sites can be used and applied for seasons ahead of time. There are plenty of 5A or 6A schools who won't be using their field that weekend that are centrally located, and capable of hosting these games.
  9. If you use school enrollment ONLY, then yes all are playing in their appropriate classes. However, again, this should be only one of several factors determining the class for each school. You have to remember that not only should schools move up, but others should move down. It would take the KHSAA to get off their butts and do a little work (this seems to be the end all be all). 99.8% isn't even close. I would guess more like 65 to 75%.
  10. Schools want the same thing. Had rather be dominant in a lower class, than be a contender in a higher class. Should be exactly the opposite. I think only the 6A game should garner a college facility.
  11. I agree that the state titles (for the most part) could have been mailed in. This is a product of our current system. Travel costs among a million other things are the excuses you get when talking about making state finals more interesting and better games. Teams that had rather get their trophy for being the # 467 best team instead of moving up and playing better schools. I (and am probably out here by myself) had rather see schools be able to play up or down to equal out the competitiveness of every class. Size of school should only be one factor in determining the "class" of each school. This would make every class more competitive, and bring out the best in every team.
  12. THIS Seems to me like all of these teams should be moving up classes with the exception of Trininy. (unless you want to make a 7A). Then it also seems like some of the teams that didn't win need to move down classes. For example. 6A and 5A teams getting blown out need to move down. I don't know, may sound stupid, but create parity by shuffling classes. Would make scheduling difficult.
  13. 1A Russellville 2A CAL 3A Central 4A Franklin Simpson 5A Christian Co 6A St X
  14. Don't that figure. The semi finals should be played at neutral fields in the middle of the state in the first place.
  15. This is a very good piece sir. I will have to do some more investigation into though before jumping on board. Initially, I look at the traditional powerhouse schools and see where they fall. That may very well be the drawback. I feel as if the 6 class system is great with some tweaks. Theoretically, one would want the 6A class to be full of the power teams that can compete on that level (BG for instance would be one example of a school needing to be in 6A). Parity among the schools in each class is the ultimate goal I believe in order to increase the viability of football in Kentucky. Would schools in each bottom tier of their current class be more apt to compete in a class lower than the one they are currently in?
  16. How are you going to get more western kentucky users on this site? You know, that part of the state WEST of BG
  17. Being a Caldwell County fan, I would have to give the advantage to Mayfield just because this is a home game and the Cards are tough at home. Heard a stat today that out of their last 60 home games, they are 59 and 1. That one belongs to Caldwell. I am by no means selling the Tigers short tonight, but they are the underdog. I predict a very close battle tonight. GO TIGERS
  18. Caldwell Co plays a telling game this Friday night. Still a lot of questions to be answered in Princeton. Many of them could be resolved as the Tigers travel to Mayfield to play the best team in 2A. Barring a Cardinal blow out, the Tigers can make a statement this weekend. Stay close and battle, and I believe they are ready for a long run in the playoffs. Pull out a big win, and this squad could be bound for BG (not that they have to win @ Mayfield to get there). Take the hour and a half trip to Cardinal country and get spanked, and it leaves huge questions as to the validity of this team. The Tigers have struggled pulling out a win in Mayfield, but played a whale of game last year in Princeton. Make no bones about it, it should be a great one to see.
  19. This is par for the course. I am a little surprised here, but I should have known. As I said last year, the WEST side of the bracket is 100 times more competitive in 3A than is the EAST side. Seems to be more of the same this season. Belfry will have to play one of these teams in Bowling Green, and could very well dominate that game too, NO DOUBT. But, they had to perform in ONE game. Let's don't shake up things so that the best 4 or 8 teams play head to head at the end. Not saying the outcome is any different (all credit goes to Belfry). I don't believe anybody would argue that Belfry had a cake walk to Bowling Green while the WEST is up for grabs. BOO HOO. Yes, I thought moving Caldwell up to 3A was a mistake at first, but now I have changed my mind and see that moving them up was the best thing for them. Asking this school to keep up the high expectations that have been brought on them is and is an excellent challenge for this team. Will it produce a ring every season? NOPE. Will it ever? Who knows. But, I wouldn't want it any other way. You see guys, when someone or some group achieves a higher standard, the only thing to do then is to ask for more. Caldwell has showed they are very competitive in this class and it seems to fit them. Now, their next step is to become that dominate team in 3A. This is their current challenge. One that Mayfield was obviously ready for, accepted it, and thrived from it in 2A. If you are fine with putting "running clock" scores on teams every game, and not be challenged that is your right to do so. All hail Belfry, the best team in the state of Kentucky (bar about 110 others, because for God's sake let's don't imply they should play against better competition) as the Class 3A State Champion!!!!
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