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  1. That would be a top notch deal. Josh does a very good job at Larue. I think Trigg would have to have some other things to offer besides just being the football coach. Working with his dad might be a big incentive?
  2. Having had a team in the finals at both WKU and UK in the finals I have experienced what you are pointing out. We were in the 'batting cage' at WKU but it wasn't a 10 minute walk. Maybe 4 or 5 if you took your time. But we might have been in a closer building. I agree it was inconvenient to some extent. I also had a team in the state finals at Papa John's and that set up was terrible. It was the worse of the three by far. Maybe the other team had a better locker room than we did. We had to put our team in two separate small locker rooms and had to meet as a team in a narrow hallway. It was like being in a long closet. UK by far was the best in terms of room etc. It was great to play at Kroger but I just liked the feel of that smaller venue WKU had.
  3. To get back on topic I am wondering out loud why Trigg doesn't ask Marty Jaggers to take over the program (if he would have any interest). I guarantee you he would get things going. Also, it is fun to watch his teams play power football. He is one of the best at it.
  4. Honestly I doubt Clay is setting himself up for anything to do with Danville football. I get your point but getting burned like he did is not an easy thing to swallow. He has handled it with great class in my opinion.
  5. Good thread. I don't see any reason kids as starters could not be announced. Surely in the warm up time period starters could be announced and even (a quick highlight of the teams accomplishments of that season that the team could submit or even a highlight video?). I am all for kids getting recognition. If they can throw together a t-shirt with kids names on it to sell at the event surely they could put something basic together. Probably another topic but I think Kroger is to big a stadium. I would love to see it again at a stadium the size of WKU if possible. These might be some things our coaches representatives could consider on how to address. Hope everyone is having a good off-season. Go Dawgs!!
  6. Great group of men to work with the kids at WC. Improvement will happen in my opinion.
  7. Coach Holcomb is one of a kind. I recall visiting with him to learn about his passing attack some years ago. He will do well at MC.
  8. Terrific person!! I worked for Jeff at Garrard County. He would give you the shirt off his back to help you.
  9. Prayers for Coach and his family. So sorry for this loss.
  10. It would be good for Kentucky high school football if Warren Central could get back to winning. For the sake of those kids and the school spirit in general.
  11. If it happens and Clay is rehired watch Danville be right back in the title hunt over the next two years.
  12. I know the feeling of being dominated in a state finals game. In 2016 it was not fun playing Johnson Central. One of their best teams ever in my opinion.
  13. He did a super job turning Oldham County around. Probably one of the most well done in our state in the last few years imo.
  14. "Work Wins" - Marty Jaggers I still use it today. "Hey Diddle Diddle here we come up the middle" ; I first heard Jerry Perry say it way back in the 90's. I still use it today.
  15. No slight taken. Just my thoughts. Yes it is a pretty tough schedule against 3 6A schools and a top notch 3A program. Collins is a mystery at this point. I will say it's nice to just be talking about playing the season which more and more seems to be a good possibility. I also want to say how impressed I am with the assistant coaches we have been able to rehire and or bring back. Excellent men and I think very good coaches. In case you don't know their names: Marcus Hyche - 16 year veteran coach (maybe longer) that also coaches basketball; Greg Goodman - several years with JH; Aaron Evans- long time assistant; Eli Mitchell came back home last season to JH. He was QB on some tremendous JH teams; Adam Cobb returns after a season away and was also a great player at JH; Joe Stockton returns for his second season (also coaches track). A great high school player in his day. Adam Lindsey JH Head Wrestling Coach will be back with the football program. We are currently working on three more coaches including bringing my right hand man David Williams with me from FS. And there is no other person I have had the pleasure to work with in a support role like a fella named Chris Hoskinson. If you are connected to JH you understand how important and appreciated Chris is to JH football. I have had several inquiries of coaches looking to come to JH. I wish I could hire them all but at some point you can have to many coaches imo. I hope I haven't left anyone of this list. Another nice thing is all of these guys have coached and or played in the same offensive system we will run. Needless to say it is exciting to dream about the possibilities of our program and 4A football. I am also very appreciative and excited to work with Principal Mark Wells and AD Mike McCune. Chad Lewis as counselor is a tremendous person (and former JH HFC). All three of these men were a big reason why I took the position at JH. I am also very honored/excited about the alumni that have been reaching out to see how they can help the program. The interest in our re-established Booster club is very strong. Now lets just play some football.
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