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  1. Custard is amazing to watch on film. No one has slowed him down. I have only faced two QB's in my 34 years as a high school coach that can come close to doing the things he does. He is bigger than both of those guys. Someone will pick up a tremendous athlete in this kid if he decides to play college ball. I also hear he is a great young man. We are getting better but are still EXTREMELY young. Entire backfield of sophomores. Two Freshman starting on defense with all but a couple underclassman. Two senior starters on O and D. Hopefully we can slow Harrison's scoring machine down. No one has yet.
  2. The worst part is they are cancelling scrimmages for teams that are hosting and there is no reason I can figure for doing that.
  3. There will be a new roof as well as a press box overhaul. Adding a new road to enter the field from the backside visitor side of the stadium. Another entry road and turnabout for ambulances etc. here from the practice field side at the bottom photo. All will be finished in a permanent concrete etc.
  4. No but there will be an addition into the hillside for students.
  5. Work is picking up. Much more than just the turf field is being done.
  6. Great hire! They needed an experienced coach in my opinion. Congratulations Coach.
  7. So sorry to read this. Praying for the family and community.
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