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  1. I always loved talking football with Joe. He was always willing to help me when I asked. His football knowledge was second to none. I truly appreciated the common sense he used in his approach. He was a master at understanding how kids needed to be given info in order to use it and succeed on Friday nights. I never coached with him but my time spent talking ball with him made those things very clear to me. RIP Coach.
  2. Congratulations to a tremendous person and coach! Josh will do great things at Lincoln County.
  3. It is really good to see guys looking on the brighter side and not shooting down the kids/schools from the 'lower' socioeconomic settings. Many kids in some of those areas have only their football coach to look to and their school. That's why I appreciate so much a coach fighting in tough settings to keep dreams and hope alive while not having the numbers, money and same community support as many others might. Those guys are so extremely important. Congratulations to C. Foley for being such a great asset to the kids of Frankfort. In all my years of coaching I have never read, seen or hear Craig put down others to boost his program or ego. That is a sign of a great leader and good man. Brian Washington did this for a long time at Paris High School. There are many kids that were/are fortunate to have had these guys as their coach.
  4. Craig is a very good person. You will not meet many better than him. He will be fine.
  5. I would like to ask that you please leave Jerry out of this discussion. This man is still in hospital recovering from major surgery and still not out of the woods. He is my friend and just feel everyone needs to leave him out of this. This post is about an open job. Saying Jerry is salty is to not realize or appreciate what he is going through at this very moment. We have seen two high school coaches pass this year unexpected. As coaches/fans we should respect the brotherhood when it comes to health and family in my opinion. Good luck to all interested in this open position.
  6. I have to add my Bullitt East team of 2008. I think we were like 2-4 and ended up losing to Bell County in the Championship in a an all out war. Had a chance to tie with seconds to go and put the game into overtime but missed on our 2 point conversion attempt.
  7. They are huge! #8 is an excellent football player. I didn't like losing last night but wanted to say how I enjoyed seeing so many former players from Lincoln County and Garrard from waaaaaay back in the early 1990's. Remembered them as kids and met them as men last night. Great people. Spencer Crutchfield has done a fantastic job. Great hospitality from LCHS. Good luck moving forward Pats.
  8. I met Jim years ago when I was a young coach. I asked him if he would care to spend a Saturday with me and help me learn how to coach this game of football. He gladly said yes. Many years later I had developed a very good relationship with Coach. When I left Franklin-Simpson Jim called me before anyone else to see if I was doing OK. That meant a lot to me. Here was this legendary coach checking on me. I know Coach Matney is flying high in heaven. He is missed and loved by many many people. God Bless JC fans, players, and coaches as well as Jim's family.
  9. Bardstown has a very nice team. I appreciate the class and effort they played with. I also feel the same way about our kids. It was a hard fought physical battle. Both squads left all they had on the field. I am particularly proud of my freshman starters and the other freshman that stepped into that type of atmosphere and gave us all they could. I really think the playoff type atmosphere will help both teams down the line. Go Dawgs!!
  10. Our biggest challenge currently is getting every starter on the field at the same time. I like our team but we were missing some kids last Friday night and will be missing more this coming Friday for a variety of reasons. The positive from that is that backups and sometimes freshman (we started a couple last Friday and played some more as back ups) get live varsity reps. Hopefully we can hold off Covid and other injuries this season. I think many schools are in the same situation currently. Thanks for the positive outlook. We just try to keep our head down and get better daily.
  11. That would be a top notch deal. Josh does a very good job at Larue. I think Trigg would have to have some other things to offer besides just being the football coach. Working with his dad might be a big incentive?
  12. Having had a team in the finals at both WKU and UK in the finals I have experienced what you are pointing out. We were in the 'batting cage' at WKU but it wasn't a 10 minute walk. Maybe 4 or 5 if you took your time. But we might have been in a closer building. I agree it was inconvenient to some extent. I also had a team in the state finals at Papa John's and that set up was terrible. It was the worse of the three by far. Maybe the other team had a better locker room than we did. We had to put our team in two separate small locker rooms and had to meet as a team in a narrow hallway. It was like being in a long closet. UK by far was the best in terms of room etc. It was great to play at Kroger but I just liked the feel of that smaller venue WKU had.
  13. To get back on topic I am wondering out loud why Trigg doesn't ask Marty Jaggers to take over the program (if he would have any interest). I guarantee you he would get things going. Also, it is fun to watch his teams play power football. He is one of the best at it.
  14. Honestly I doubt Clay is setting himself up for anything to do with Danville football. I get your point but getting burned like he did is not an easy thing to swallow. He has handled it with great class in my opinion.
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