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  1. The Purples are used to practicing on Thanksgiving Day. Purples 35-21.
  2. This should be one of the better games on Friday. I like South Warren 28-21.
  3. Man! That's a long road trip for a 1st round game. It just doesn't make any sense.
  4. I don't consider the AP Polls relevant. I'm talking about people that actually watch the games.
  5. Bowling Green should be on any top 10 list. That's why computer rankings don't work. They don't take the human aspect into consideration.
  6. I hope your nephew has a great game, Tank. My wife is having surgery Friday morning and I will have to miss the game. I think the Purples can handle their business, even if I'm not at the game.
  7. South Warren is better than most people think. They have blown out the same teams that Bowling Green has blown out. They know what this game means to both fan bases. I think this game will be close. The Purples are finally healthy and I think that will give them the edge. Bowling Green 28-21.
  8. This should be a great game. PRP has the speed and St. X has the bulk. I'm going with speed. PRP 28-24.
  9. I completely understand. I'm a homer and I know it. You do an awesome job my friend. And by the way, Mayfield Rocks!!!
  10. Great stuff P88. I am a huge Mayfield fan, but I just don't see them beating Bowling Green. Mayfield could probably beat all of the 5A schools in Kentucky, except for the top 2 or 3 teams. Just my opinion. Nothing against the Cardinals.
  11. This one is over before it starts. Running clock in the 1st quarter.
  12. Bowling Green is not even in the top 20. It's been awhile since I saw that.
  13. Why would he do that? St. X is great test for the Purples every year. They are a class act and we look forward to playing them every year. I think I know what you are insinuating and the answer is no.
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