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  1. Hats off to Dixie for pulling their starters early and playing their full bench. Can’t say I saw their opponent do the same. I would feel with the way the current season has gone for Notre Dame giving others a chance to get some experience would be very valuable. Seemed to me that they only played about 7 players until very late in the 4th quarter, didn’t really understand that, but I guess there was a reason. Good luck to the lady red colonels in the districts and regionals.
  2. Couldn't agree more!! Isn't this the same person that broke the news scandal on a certain baseball team a few years back?? I guess time does heal all wounds. I am sure all stops will be pulled to try to get their way, but I hope that KHSAA digs in and stands their ground on this!! There is more than meets the eye test with this one.
  3. From where I was sitting Code had every reason to be upset. Poor officating towards both teams. Didn’t notice any mention of that in your post. Very nice job by the Mustangs on taking a number of charges!!
  4. While I was attending this event to watch my niece playing in the game before the SK match I did hear the comments of the SK coach and to say the least it was embarrassing...... while they did have success last season that does not bring entitlements. This is a preseason scrimmage not the state semi finals, to me all perspective has been lost here.
  5. This subject seems pretty simple........ the steps the KHSAA is taking this time makes 100% sense. We have all seen some pretty nasty injuries due to a softball hitting a player in the face. There have been so many listed reasons as to why/what causes the injuries such as the bats, close distance....... which are all very valid reasons, but what the KHSAA is doing to protect the players makes complete sense and should be supported by all, even if little Suzie doesn't want to wear one, its like a seatbelt law, both are put in place to protect people.
  6. Any word on this opening? I had been told there has been only one applicant for this position and it was a current staff member. I find it hard to believe there has been only one applicant for a program that seems to be solid and successful.
  7. If it were me, my daughter would not have a choice, seen too many facial injuries in both softball and baseball. If I remember didn't NCC have a girl get hit with a line drive a few years back and really never returned to pitching and then actually stopped playing because of the incident? Also, with the conditions of some fields and the bad hops a ball can take is another reason this mandate is a good idea. Personally I am glad the KHSAA stepped up and make this a requirement!! They need to be commended on this. Safety of players should always be a priority!!!
  8. Not sure the player from Grant Co. felt good about the "sliced open" reference. Not sure how bad it was, sometimes things like this could end a season for a player. I hope she ended up being ok and the injury was not too bad. I also hope the player doing the "slicing" as you put it is ok also. Sometimes seeing something like that is as traumatic to the player that is not hurt, to see a open wound that the player may have created is tough. Hope both are ok.
  9. Hmmmmm, you speak of the records, but take a look at the strength of schedule early on in the year and the most recent games. Seems the teams played now versus the start of the season may have something with your win/loss comparison. One that stands out the most is a 11-1 loss on 3/30 to Dayton, and then a 8-5 win against Dayton on 5/8, which most on here have said Dayton is much improved. So while yes there may be more wins early on I ask that you take a look at the records of those schools that were played. Also there seem to be some other credible losses lately. So what some are missing here is that the move may have been for the overall betterment of the "girls" on the team. Haven't seem them play so I may be wrong, but by looking at the most recent results seems the change has done some good. Also, from what I am hearing is that games that were dropped with conference and district schools are now attempted to be made up after the coach that we just removed had dropped those games to play other opponents.
  10. :popcorn: Sounds like we have more to the story here??
  11. Did the previous coach at Holy Cross retire?
  12. As I said our coaches don't make predictions on what team we will beat or how we will finish, but we all know that kids also read the items posted on this site. As a coach if you are saying your going to finish ahead of or beat a team that gives the team you are saying things about motivation and your team a little pressure to perform or live up to the coaches expectation. Most coaches on this site are careful about bulletin board material, motivation is part of getting teams to achieve is it not?, so why not motivate your own team not others?? Just a opinion. Not trying to crucify LB13, just voice support for coaches that post without going into too much detail and commend them for keeping the focus off the girls and suggesting he could have left out who they are going to beat again just my opinion. I think sometimes people get all caught up in things and don't factor in the girls/boys playing these sports and what they may read.
  13. Kind of glad our coaches don't make those predictions........our kids don't need the pressure of a coach/parent making statements about who we will beat or where we will finish!!
  14. Hmmmmm..... I must have missed a few months, Feb 15 already???:sssh:
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