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  1. These games are being played at Tower Park in Ft. Thomas at Highland's field.
  2. Saturday night will be an entertaining game. I don't know who will win, but I do know that the fried Oreos will be 3 for $1 at the concession stand. Congratulations to the Crusaders and the Pandas for reaching the final. May the best team win and tear into the state tournament starting the following week.
  3. Dixie Heights evens the score with 25 seconds left in regulation on a Carson Smith goal. DHHS wins in kicks 3-1 with the keeper Lily Paganetto stopping 2 of the 4 Ryle shots. Next up is a rematch with Notre Dame at Dixie Heights on Wednesday in the 5:30 game. Congratulations Lady Colonels!
  4. Outcoached in not requiring long stud soft ground cleats, or perhaps flippers for his players? St H definately started the game with higher energy, and that proved the difference.
  5. The ref's first mistake was announcing to the timekeeper before the game started that the game would go from regulation straight to kicks if it was tied after 80 minutes. No overtime periods.
  6. Dixie vs. Hamilton, OH -> 3-3 draw Highlands vs. W. Clermont, OH -> 2-1 Highlands Notre Dame vs. W. Jessamine -> 1-0 West J on a PK
  7. Friday 8/11 5:00pm Villa Madonna vs. Pendleton County 6:30pm Boone County vs Newport Central Catholic 8:00pm Simon Kenton vs. St. Henry Saturday 8/12 8:00am Cooper vs. Dayton 9:30am Scott vs. Walton Verona 11:00am Ryle vs. Campbell County 12:30pm Beechwood vs. Bishop Brossart 5:00pm Dixie vs. Hamilton, OH 6:30pm Highlands vs. W. Clermont, OH 8:00pm Notre Dame vs. W. Jessamine Matches are 2, 40 minute halves, 5 minute half time. No Overtime. Tickets: $5 / adult, $3 / child. A weekend pass for all games is $7.
  8. Oldbird, I know this is a year old but it is still hysterical. I'm still wiping tears from my eyes from laughing so hard! Thank you for laugh!
  9. Slightly related topic, any of those excellent photographers at the game get a good shot of all of the Regional Tournament winners at the end of the game? With all of the pro photographers on the field, the amateur parents in the stands couldn't get a group shot. Anyone willing to post one like the group photo from last year: http://bluegrasspreps.com/ky-girls-soccer/notre-dame-3-314506.html#post5698245 Thank you in advance. I want to again add that the game demonstrated why these two teams were playing Saturday night. They were an excellent example of two well coached, highly prepared, very skilled teams leaving it all on the field. There was a ton of individual talent on that field yet they blended into two excellent teams. The rest of us in the 9th know it isn't going to get any easier on us next year either. Congratulations to both teams.
  10. Bothways, I will assume Truthwilliams55 was talking about an offsides call on Highlands late in the game where they scored on the play but it was waved off. I was standing on the path at that end of the field, but 10-15 yards from "the line". I can't say positively either way whether it was a good call or not. My gut at the time was that the striker was on. It was close and it was a great through ball. Full disclosure: I wasn't there rooting either side, but rooting for an excellent 9th Region final -- and NDA vs HHS delivered. Both of these programs make girls soccer in the entire area much better. Congratulations to Highlands on a great season. Congratulations, and best wishes to Notre Dame on winning State!
  11. 9th Region just updated on KHSAA. CCH and NCC at DHHS at Tuesday 7:30pm. 2
  12. Scott High School still has the soccer only grass field in front of the football/mix use turf field, named after the young man who passed away practicing on the field. Cameron Kelly Batson Field: Field Named for Cameron | Cameron's Cause Beechwood now has a turf soccer/baseball field separate from their football stadium. I was told it was new for this soccer season. At Dixie Heights, there is a "grass" practice field next to the turf football/soccer field that is used by all the teams when they need to practice and they do not have the turf scheduled. The grass baseball outfield has also been used by soccer as well.
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