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  1. Exciting game that seemed to be fairly evenly matched. St. Henry scored first when Cerenza Kent scores off a free kick from Cori Riegler. Dixie answers with a solid corner kick and headed in by Carson Smith. In the second half Dixie is called for a handball in the box and Erin Cheek drives home the PK. Some solid saves by both keepers to keep the score at 2-1 for the remainder of the game. Both teams could make some noise in the regional tournament next week!
  2. Congrats Dixie on a huge win! 3 goals is a lot to score against ND.
  3. Hard fought defensive game! Looking at all the 9th region scores it could be a very interesting post season.
  4. Hard fought battle in some extremely hot conditions yesterday. St. Henry scores with 30 seconds left on a corner kick to win the game. Ryle scored first on a breakaway. St. Henry then answered with a direct kick from Katie Evans to Morgan Ferris Ryle answers on nice a corner kick/header Halftime score 2-1 Mackenzie Kent then scores to tie the score at 2 and with 30 seconds left KERENZA Kent kicks the corner kick and Jenna Berling heads it in for the win.
  5. Very tight game as usual with these two teams. Dixie scored on a direct kick with 3 seconds left to tie the game 1-1 after a penalty right outside the box. If I remember correctly this district game has went to PK's the last 3 years during the regular season. Always a tough district rivalry.
  6. First half seemed like a fairly evenly matched game with a 1-0 score and that goal coming on a PK from a penalty in the box....Second half was dominated by Highlands.
  7. The game is at Highlands The Cru has 11 seniors this year with 8-9 players that saw substantial time last year. There are a number of new faces that could make an impact this year as well including some girls off the JV team as well as two transfers from Notre Dame. I believe that Defender Erin Cheek, Keeper Cori Riegler, and Striker Mackenzie Kent all received some sort of district/regional honors last year.
  8. Thursday Night Rematch of last years 9th Region Semi Finals...Can the Cru pull off the Win or will Birds be too much?
  9. What are the big matchups for teams starting their season this week. I'll start with St. Henry playing Highlands on Thursday night. Highlands won the regular season game last year 2-0 and St. Henry pulled off the upset in the 9th Region Semi-finals last year in PK's. What other big games are there this week?
  10. Any other results from other games?
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