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  1. Your exactly right Jumpdog, I don’t understand why they don’t get the ball to #55, #53, #72, and #12 are by far the best players.
  2. But I bet she smelled pretty and had a nice purse and she was from Highlands, you should have let the woman in, how dare you ask her to follow directions like everyone else, shame on you!!!
  3. I was not at the game, but why is it every time Highlands has a close game or takes a loss, someone always complains about officials, other coaches or something that effected why they did not win, I heard they had dads cussing, storming out of the gym and one needed a police escort out, real discipline role models, 8th grade basketball at its finest when the Bluebirds enter the gym it appears.
  4. It is always intelligent to call out other kids and dads, then respond to your own quote!! COME ON MAN!! Classy!!
  5. Great for him, he is the smartest one in 25 years in Boone County to realize there is a player that should be moved up and took the time to figure out how to make it happen and made it happen, don't hate the coach or kid, learn from it an move on, some people get so jealous of other athletes, they become hateful, just respect the decision and hope other kids take advantage if they have an opportunity, to single out an 8th grade athlete and his dad says a lot about you!!
  6. That is what is known as "competition" and that is what makes a good basketball team, not parents or posters claiming a younger athlete may beat out an upper classman, that is bashing and by bringing this up it appears you may be concerned that he may beat out a certain player and that is where the circus begins!! I nominate you as "ring leader". Congratulations and try to make this as miserable as possible on everyone involved!!
  7. This post has nothing accurate in it, if your going to post, get at least one thing half way correct or act like you know what your talking about!! This is not your regular athlete that is going to suffer from this situation, it will only make him better.
  8. Coach Napier always told us some parents are "idiots" and to stay away from them, he was right once again! Looks like we have another perfect example! If you played for him you respect everything he did, he not only made you a better player, but a better person, now I don't agree with some of the tactics he used, but don't knock a guy for over 30 years of dedication to BCPWFL.
  9. He is on the frosted flakes boxes(hint ____ the tiger)
  10. The white hat ref is most of this crews problem, he is horrible, he only good at making the clock run, that's all he worried about, been that way the last 10 years!!
  11. This should not be an issue, you are forming a list to honor and recognize kids, why would you not put a kid on the list that is a Division 1 player going to West Virginia to protect the creditability of BGP, if there has been a mistake fix it, don't delete a player deserving because of a "mistake" and then try to fix it by apologizing, if you are honoring kids, honor the kids that deserve to be on it, it the right thing to do, its about the kids, not BGP creditability, they should read some things on here and delete 85% of this website if they are concerned with creditability!!!
  12. I think it would be ignorant to doubt the Dixie Varsity coaching staff, I don't think this is the first year they have scheduled games.
  13. No, its not, if his season ends May 1, I am guessing it does not, so with all the research and proven facts that are out there, I hope the young man can play another position because its a matter of time with pitching that many pitches that would possibly jeopardize his pitching career, especially if he is throwing that many pitches indoors since January, and if he threw less than 40-50 pitches in his complete game, great job!! Unfortunately, it hurts the kid in the long run, not the coach.
  14. Also, make the players wear matching socks and if the kids wear an undershirt, have them wear same color!!
  15. How dare the coaches discipline a player for telling the refs how to call the game, coaches need to let the players do and say anything they want, it will allow the kids to grow up and tell everyone what to do and they will get to experience finding a lot of different jobs with no stability because they cannot control their smart a-- mouth shut. Then they will get on BGP and knock a coach for having too much discipline.
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