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  1. I would say being a bad baseball Ref and being full of your self is two qualities that you must have to be a Head football coach in KY!!!!!! Good luck Boston everyone is proud of you!!!!!!
  2. DJ White 6'5 215 OLB accepted offer from EKU!!!! Great young man who's best football is in front of him cant wait to watch him play in college!
  3. Josh Boston has to be the first choice at Henderson! They should have done picked up the phone and called him. I Don't even understand how this is a debate and if your right Coach Boston wants to stay at Union County then the Henderson Admin. needs to talk him out of it. That school has to much tradition and pride to bypass one of there own two times in a row! 1. Coach Boston is well respected by the staff at Henderson 2. Loved by current players and young Alumni as well as respected by older Alumni 3. He has a vast knowledge of game learning from many veteran coach's 4. He has great relationship with feeder program coach's and can bring in quality coordinators and asst. coach's 5. Henderson County football is where his passion is!!! (No one will out work him there) 6. He is a good man someone that you would want your kids to be around and to have as a role model. Those are hard to find these days even with coach's. That's just my thoughts hope it works out
  4. Henderson should have never let Josh Boston get away they had a homegrown guy who had been loyal to the program. He also came from successful coaching staffs at Henderson under Duffy and Clevenger! Great program and great people good luck Colonels
  5. I just like the name possumlips!!!! and next time you guys come back to Crazy County we will double up on the order of hot chocolate and give all Adair Co fans a free cup we owe you one on that we dropped the ball!!!! Its just you guys brought a lot more people then we were use to having at games!
  6. Ha dont look for no Air Raid coming from the Casey Co. Side!!! And If Bell only puts 8 in the box that will be the least anybody has stacked in there this year. Not saying Casey County can beat Bell Co. But I do think this week could show that Casey Countys Offensive line is a pretty good group.
  7. Casey County has 7 kids suspened from this game including two starters on a allready very thin team. They only have 24 on the team right now so casey will be dressing 17 kids friday night WOW:confused:
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