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  1. Sydney Anderson is a player that should have been ranked. Probably the best defender in the 10th to say the least. GRC leads the way this year with Scott County being the dark horse.
  2. Trust me when I say some of the best players fall through the cracks. Not sure I understand why but it does happen and it happens more than most people realize.
  3. Caitlin Conyers made honorable mention which isn't listed. . Graham and Conyers both should been ranked higher.
  4. Coach Graham is clearly the best coach in the 10th region. Correct me if I am wrong but hasn't be won COY 2 years straight now?
  5. GRC contained Rogers very well. Used 4 diiferent girls to chase her. Coach Graham utilized his team to win the championship. I know there can only be one MVP but if I could choose one girl for each team it would be Rogers for Montgomery and Graham for GRC..
  6. Some players have been invited to play for the Kentucky Premier but have chosen to play for other teams.
  7. Does anyone know how often the KHSAA releases these stats?
  8. 10th Region All Tournament Team for Montgomery County: Destiny Taul Erica Rogers Macie Spence Olivia Colliver
  9. For Montgomery County: Erica Rogers - 14 (including 3 three point baskets) Olivia Colliver - 10 (including 3 three point baskets) Macie Spence - 10 Keria Lockett - 4 Destiny Taul - 7 Schylar Tiption - 2 Does anyone know the points posted for Campbell County?
  10. It will be interesting to see if Manual can beat Mercy to get back to the sweet 16.
  11. If Campbell Co. plays like they did last year I can see them in the finals of the region against Montgomery Co.
  12. Prisha should have been listed at least 2nd or 3rd team for the 10th Region. Just goes to show sometimes the good players get left out.
  13. The other teams do deserve respect and the Sweet 16 is not over. Attitude can make or break a team.
  14. Look out for Montgomery in the next few years. Look what they accomplished being as young as they are. Sad to see that some do not think they have as much talent as previous teams.
  15. What do you mean by that. This Montgomery team has talent and they showed that.
  16. GRC has been consistent this season upon shutting the top scorers of Montgomery down. If Colliver, Rogers and Spence can have a breakout game then we will see a victory for Montgomery. Being optimistic I am going to predict Montgomery by 3.
  17. Why will Brossart be without their best player and who are referring to be their best player?
  18. I hoped these 2 teams would meet in the region. My prediction is GRC by 10.
  19. GRC utilizes their players well. They are an organized team and are coached well also. Montgomery has the ability to win but for whatever reason they do not utilize the talent on that team. They are going to have to execute the 3 point shot and they have the ability to do that and I am not sure why they do not set screens for their shooters to get them open to score. Montgomery defeated themselves.
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