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  1. Why lie? Was at the game as well he sat down the whole game and watched. It was a good summer game. Trust me didnt do any of those things. Get your facts straight beofre you put it on this message board. Both teams will be really good come season.
  2. A left handed starter is definitely important in a starting rotation and the Reds did not have one all year long. Ties your hands and forces the hands of other coaches. Start Chapman! For the money you are paying him and that is why we wanted him. Madsen was got to be the closer so let him do his job. Keep Broxton, and Cingrani would be a nice addition to the pen. Catching Hannigan is great defensively. Throwed about 40% of runners out, people did not steal on us, Mesaraco struggles calling the game and tries to him a HR every at bat. I keep Hannigan and Navarro, Mess to AAA Definitely get rid of Stubbs, use Hamilton or sign someone. Can not have Arroyo and Leake together in a rotation. Arroyo is old and dont forget that Leake was our best pitcher last year!
  3. They have a sophomore name is Conner Hicks, not a transfer, but a homeschool kid from Oldham County. Got another player last January that did not play last year that is playing this year Sean Nudenberger who kicks for the football team, and plays soccer.
  4. He played toward the end of the season for Collins, averaged about 5ppg. Definitely not a top 10 player but is very athletic. They have 3 players better than him, probably why they are picked to win the 8th. I have heard that 2 good guards for them have moved to Shelby County?
  5. Madison Central should be #1 and Henry Clay #2.. Best player in the region Mr. Dominique Hawkins.
  6. When are the 25 man rosters coming out? Any help would be appreciated
  7. I really think with Wainwright rolling and Lohse having CY Young type year you dont want to play the Cardinals. I see them and the Reds battling in the NLCS especially if the Nationals are intent on shutting down Strasburg. Reds and Nationals are tired right now, think they are both playing 500 baseball the last 2 weeks. Its about those teams that get hot. Here are my playoff teams Reds Nationals Giants Braves Cardinals All 5 of these lead the league in pitching
  8. Was told that they are calling pitches from the dug out when he calls, he struggles with calling games. He is struggling at the plate but I think when he catches our pitchers struggle, there is tons of confusion on what to throw. I might not of played in the majors so sorry for that comment I guess, just got mad, however some kill me on here about the Reds, be happy that they are playing well.
  9. That makes no sense, still a millionaire and played in the majors. Why I love message boards. I guess the juice messed up his sentences.
  10. Watch every game but unlike you played college and semi-pro, and Im telling you pitching is why they are winning and about 40 games against the Cubs and Astro's. We got smacked against the Nationals, about 500 against St Louis and against Dodgers. All of which look like playoff teams. Everyone who knows the Reds know that Cairo can't play and neither can Valdez and until you clinch you dont give games away like the past Brewer series. Tonight could be very similar to a playoff series as it gets and I would want to see what we are made of!
  11. Feel bad for Cueto, Cario, and Valdez are awful, they might not start for the Astro's. Aggravating for a pichter that is up for CY Young to have those guys trying to hit off another CY Young candidate. No way I play either one unless we have already clinched but I promise you we need homefield advantage, not the Nationals! With Stubbs in the line up tonight that is 3 easy outs for Hamel, our other guys will not see a pitch to hit, simply just pitch around them. Where is Heisey tonight? Just mind boggling to me,
  12. Jay Bruce has struggled this season at times but remember he is the only left handed batter in that line up right now, which means late he faces a lefty specialist. He hit that homerun off a lefty last night, which is tough. Arroyo has the second best win % of any pitcher in the NL the last 3 years on the road, so he would definitely be my 3rd starter in the playoffs. That stat blew my mind when I heard it. Nationals and Reds could be very good series!!
  13. What worries me is the Pirates have made themselves better this week, brought up their stud minor leaguer who can play, signed rodriguez in trade. Reds struggle against the Pirates because it is small ball with great pitching, we have a hard time hitting them, basically the Nationals and Pirates have kicked our butts because they have better piching period. We have to get another pitcher if we expect to end the season going to the Cardinals and Pirates the last 6 games of the season. Could be 0-6 very easy. Hitting is not going to win us the NL we are too young, we have to ride piching, get to the 7th and we got a great chance with our bull pen.
  14. Why did the Reds turn down Shane Victorino for Logan Ondrusek in a straight up deal? They need another left handed batter and a lead off, it would of solved both problems. Would love to see them go after Felix Hernandez from the Mariners he is a stud or Josh Johnson, they will need another pitcher to win the NL. They are fun to watch rigth now when Dusty isnt screwing it up. Thought he had cost them last night. Giving people off with off day today, leaving in Ondrusek, take advantage when you can of weak teams. Lets whip the Rockies, go RED LEGS
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