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  1. I have not seen either play this year but if Lincoln can play at Russell Co to overtime, i would have to agree and go with Lincoln at home.
  2. Was it at Russell Co? I am guessing yes. Pulaski Co and Southwestern went there last year, look up the stats of those games.
  3. Southwestern scrimaged montgomery co early in the year, without kapinga. Southwestern won the first half by about 21 i think. Second half montgomery won by 6. Southwestern played anderson co by quarters. I think southwestern won overall by about 10 to 15. I dont know much about dunbar but i do think it will take some time for southwestern to get their 5th starter and 6,7 and 8th players comiming off the bench to grow up some from what i have seen. But who knows we will see starting friday night.
  4. Thanks, i would say they could make an argument to be ranked as high as one or two, they will certainly have something to say on who goes to rupp.
  5. How many players did West Jessamine lose from last year?
  6. With the talent Henry Clay has, if they can only get a number 7 ranking, this should be a fun year to watch Ky highschool basketball.
  7. It is very simple, Ky football is not going to lure a current head coach, but they dont have to. Ky can get a young assistant from Fla, Ohio St, Alabama or Lsu type school. To compete you have to be able to recruit, some of these young assitants do much of the recruiting and are already in the Fla, Texas and other high schools you have to be able to recruit at. Another older retired guy that is only going to be there for a short time and has lost some of his competetive drive wont work, get a young ambitious guy that can RECRUIT!
  8. Congrats to Shane on the Butler offer, he is only going to get better. He has a great work ethic, I talked to his dad this summer and he said most of the schools are recruiting him as a 4. He can cause alot of problems at the 4 spot, most of the kids his size or bigger are not able to get off their feet as quickly as Shane. His ability to put the ball on the floor is getting better, and he gets to the basket very well for a 4. He does need to add strength and work on his outside shot, but the kid has two years of high school basketball to do that. Great to see Ky kids doing well, good luck Shane.
  9. Congrats to Kapinga, i have seen very few high school kids that play as hard as he does for FOUR quarters. He pressures the ball and then is asked to create on offense, most of you on here are as old as i am, and you can remember what kinda conditioning that would take. I enjoy seeing kids play HARD in any sport whether they have talent or not, i become instant fans of high shcool kids that lay it on the line every play, regardless of what sport they are playing.
  10. Southwestern played without Kapinga, they played two halfs, I think the first half SW won by about 16 , the second half both coaches played some of the younger kids more, Montgomery won the second by about 6, both teams tryed to work some of the younger kids in and out throughout the second half so there wasnt as much offense on either end.
  11. Montgomery Co also scrimmaged Southwestern last week, Montgomery Co's new coach is very active and really positive with his kids, their fans and players should really like him.
  12. I really like his game. It just seems coaches today are all looking for the guys that can jump out of the gym and run like a deer, but I think some coach will be smart enough to see this kids talent. He is a basketball player and I think some college coaches just arent doing their homework on this young man.
  13. I have seen him play for two years now in aau, he played the best games I have ever seen him play, and I dont mean he scored 50 points, he made very good decisions, got his teammates involved, passed first, took the open three and made it when they backed off of him. Played very smart and is becoming more vocal and learning to be a leader, was great to seem him growing up.
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