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  1. Basketball this year 1-3 Baseball 1-0 Softball 2-0 Girls Tennis regional champs...should I keep going....Lol. NCC great programs for sure but you are way off base brother.
  2. Agree...she means a whole lot to Notre Dame success. Cant beat good teams without her.
  3. Olivia Voskhul..not sure of the spelling but she put on a shooting clinic tonight! She is a heck of a player. One of the better performances I have seen in a long time. Congrats to ND and also to Highlands. Voskhul was just to much for Highlands tonight. Everytime Highlands would get close she would just break it back open.
  4. Really..................game could have been 90 to 5 if they wanted.....Wow!
  5. Thats why you seed the district! Happy for newport hey they made the regional but that could have been NCC against Notre Dame tonight and i would have gone to the game and no i dont have a dog in the fight!
  6. I am not pick and choosing. I could care less whether they go to classes or not but when the rest of your region is seeding and your not it just doesnt make sense thats all. It could result in a team.. depending on the draw.. walk to the finals of the regional tournament when you dont send the two best teams thats all. I dont blame Newport, Dayton, and Bellevue for voting not to seed hell i would to.
  7. They have the all A...that is for the small schools. You need to send the best teams to the region so you can send the best teams down state. Now Highlands has water downed state championships in football because they have classes they arent water downed only one team in the state better than Highlands the last 3yrs and thats Trinity...Highlands was the best team in the state 07-09 so not sure about your argument there. I went to a small school and never had a chance to play in the region and i dont have a problem with it. I sure didnt want to back into the region. Sorry useless but you are dead wrong on this one!
  8. All that coming back and Highlands is not on the schedule.....this could have been the year.
  9. Highlands won the district in 07 and 08. It is a shame one of these teams are not going to the regional tournament.
  10. Drew Moore is going to be a good one! Keep an eye on him the next two years.
  11. Also let me say that I think Dave has done a great job at CCH...they were the second best team in the state in 4a last year easy and that is not a dig at them. If it werent for HHS he may have 2 state titles. I just dont see why he would leave unless it was money thats all.
  12. Not saying that at all....just dont know what the pressure is like from the CCH fan base thats all.
  13. Could it be the pressure of beating Highlands is just to much from the Cov-Cath faithful...Im sure CCH will be good next year but HHS will be even better from a year ago...could that be a factor?
  14. I agree they will still be top 3 in the state but i think they may lose a few out side of the state next year.
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