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  1. I didn't see the Saban thread, but regardless of what coach we're talking about, I suspect there's a much better choice of words to choose from rather than "scum". Perhaps fans respect or don't respect a coach.... but calling them "scum" is inappropriate, rude, and degrading. On the topic of Coach Cal, I don't understand why people have a problem of any sort with him. He's NEVER been proven to be tied to anything illegal. He's given of his time and resources since coming to KY in magnificent and kind ways. He's recruited, coached, and won for us. He's been a loving mentor to his players. Regardless of what anyone says, he's my kinda coach and I hope we're fortunate to be able to keep him until he retires.
  2. I think you can never underestimate the importance of a good coach.... talented players or not. With that said, I find this hiring interesting. Taylor is well known in the baseball community, not just with Clary. He has a very good baseball mind and was a good HS pitcher. His experience is rather lean to be a HS program head coach I think and the hire surprises me on that level. I wish the kid a lot of luck though and hope he does well!!
  3. I agree. I've only seen a couple clips on Kanter, but he's not Cousins and that's not a slam against him. Knight isn't Wall neither. Comparing him as an incoming freshman against Wall at this point, Wall was a better athelete. Knight certainly demonstrates better control, but that's in part to Wall's amazing speed. I'm impressed and thankful that we've got Knight. Wall was a rare kid for anyone to have on their team that you just don't see every year. Knight is a gift in his own right and again, we're lucky to have him!
  4. haha That is funny! I wouldn't think he'd ever consider it, but the irony would be a bit of sweet justice. lol
  5. Clary being let go isn't shocking because of recruiting allegations, however..... I couldn't understand why they would want Martin to return. Perhaps that was a rush hire? Don't know, but I would think they would want to do a search and find a true fit for their program.
  6. I'm surprised Rick hasn't lost his job too. Not because of the event, because it's been known for years he's had encounters/affairs. However, the piece that I would have suspected to cost him his job is the assistant and his salary. It's really a shame that someone that most people would say "has it all" in the form of money, a family, respect in the basketball world would throw things away for 15 seconds.
  7. I think that personally Clary is a good guy. However, there had been way too much going on with kids joining his summer team and then transferring to Catholic and that does include the entire Henry Clay/Hammond incident. Situation was way too risky for Catholic IMO. I am surprised that they brought Martin back though. That is an interesting move.
  8. I haven't been a big fan of Pitino and never really cared for his wife. However, I feel sorry for him or at least badly that he's thrown away the respect of many that did think highly of him. It's just sad and I truly do think he regrets his choices. I'm not sure what was more stupid of him.... doing what he did or the whack job he chose to do it with!
  9. I doubt that stats were used alone in picking this roster. Otherwise, why would you have voting... they would just have a computer print out the winners. Stats are helpful in painting a picture, but they are not used alone in recruiting, drafting, etc. Different folks will give differing amounts of importance to stats. Not that I have any opinion on the kids that didn't make the list.... just pointing out that stats may not have had the highest of importance?
  10. Congrats to those players. Coach Taylor is a great guy and I think will do good things for Pikeville.
  11. I was too! Congrats to WJ on a great season. Butler has beaten two very good teams so far! Can't wait to see who comes out of tonight.
  12. Again, this is the High School STATE TOURNAMENT. They're not going to eject a kid for making a poor decision. I believe the catcher is ok, it didn't change any outcome, and end of story. The umps are not going to kick a kid out of a game like this. I suspect the young man will reflect now or in the future and probably agree he didn't come in properly. It happens.... especially when they see *championship stars* in their eyes. And..... many players or their parents appreciate those keepsakes of homerun balls. It's classy to allow a kid or their parent to have them if they want them. High school is often the last level a player will play... it's also sometimes the only time that kid might ever hit a homerun in their life. That's baseball... it's done all the time. Keeping a football or golfball isn't done. That's just the way it is.... most places anyway.
  13. I have no dog in this fight and really don't have strong opinions either way about Tackett. I'll say I'm not overly impressed with the job he does, but that's personal opinion. However, it's not his call to over ride the officiating. The ump made this call. It may have been a bad call, but it is what it is. Throwing the Clay County kid out in the state tournament wouldn't have changed anything and wasn't necessary in my opinion. Also, I think it was inappropriate of the Harrison County fan to address the issue. I think many would consider that rude. So, who was rude in the situation is simply a matter of opinion....
  14. I really enjoy watching this kid play. Glad he received this recognition!
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